Stacey Truman, a school cafeteria manager, created "talking bananas" to give students a little extra encouragement. By simply writing messages on the peels, she sends out a little goodwill every day to her students.

Think about how eagerly you break open a fortune cookie at the end of a takeout meal. Now imagine that same glee on the faces of children grabbing their daily, um, bananas? Stacey Truman, a school cafeteria manager in Virginia Beach, started making her personalized snacks as a way to inspire the students at Kingston Elementary School.

With messages like "You are enough!" and "Follow your dreams!", Truman gives students that daily affirmation we could all use. It started off as something she did at home for her own children -- something she thought her students would enjoy.

The cheerful snacks made news when the school principal started tweeting about them. Local media outlets covered the story and even presented Truman with a $300 check in appreciation for her impromptu project. The children and staff of the school are ecstatic that one of their own is being recognized for the great work she does.

In a sweet twist to this story, DoIe Food Company, of the pineapple fame, has decided to partner with the school in a special program. They will be donating 550 bananas and copies of a healthy kids' cookbook to help sponsor Truman's efforts.

Do you do something similar to encourage your kids? Share your ideas with us in the comments below.

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