It's a little blurry, but make no mistake: Bigfoot has been captured in another photo in Virginia.

Details are a little scarce (like, really scarce), but a photo of a Virginia Bigfoot started circulating the internet this week after being posted on Squatchable.

The time and location that the photo was taken are unknown, but the greenery on the side of the river seems to be indicative of spring or summer.

And this video that was posted doesn't make things any clearer:

However, in my attempt to uncover more details about the photo, I came across this gem of an event: The Virginia Bigfoot Con, which is scheduled to take place June 29 in Waynesboro, Virginia, followed by a week-long Bigfoot camping expedition. 

Also, over April 27-28, a Bigfoot Expedition will be taking place in the Appalachian Mountains of Virginia, West Virginia, and Kentucky.

Bigfoot expedition

There's no shortage of events for the Squatcher community, and we can be assured that when it comes to this photo, the Virginia Squatchers are most likely already on the case. 

What do you think about this photo? Is this Bigfoot? Have you seen Bigfoot before? We'd love for you to weigh in and post your photos in the comments below!

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