A family's return trip from vacation turned tragic when their teenage son fell critically ill. They had no choice but to seek treatment at Children's Hospital Colorado, but have nowhere to stay as a result.

After enjoying their vacation on an Alaskan cruise, the Thomas family of Suffolk, Virginia, stopped in Denver on their way back home.

It was when they landed that they discovered their 16-year-old son, Marshall, was unable to walk, and a flight attendant urged the family to seek medical attention. After taking Marshall to Children's Hospital Colorado, they received the devastating news that he had leukemia and would need to stay in Denver for the duration of his month-long treatment.

Footage courtesy of Denver 7

Prior to their trip, Marshall had felt unwell, and his doctor diagnosed him with mononucleosis at that time. After receiving antibiotics, he was cleared to travel and enjoyed his summer adventure with his parents and five siblings.

A friend was able to take the Thomas family in, but only briefly, as she is due to move out-of-state. As anyone can imagine, the Thomas family's heartbreak is compounded tenfold by how far they are away from the comforts of home.

If you would like to assist the Thomas family during their son's treatment, click here and select "Help the Thomas Family" to make a donation.