We’ve heard a lot about Hurricane Florence this past week, and now you’re about to hear more. 

Though Virginia and the Washington, D.C., area won't get hit as hard as the states farther south, we will experience tons of rain and, potentially, flooding. 

So, who’s at risk in the DMV for severe flooding? Well, according to the weather reports and Inside Nova

“Virginia is bracing for a life-threatening flood event impacting communities across the state. The latest forecast calls for 6-15 inches of rain across Northern Virginia.”

That is a lot of rain, and many parts of the state could be affected. Friday, Saturday, and Sunday are the days with the most severe possible impact, so make sure that you’re prepared. Stay up to date by following your local news. 


And if you don’t think it’s going to be that serious in Virginia, think again. There is a mandatory evacuation in effect for low-lying areas of Hampton Roads and the Eastern Shore:

“Hurricane Florence has the potential to cause catastrophic flooding, especially in our coastal areas," Gov. Ralph Northam said. ‘This evacuation is for the safety of thousands of Virginians living in that zone. But the effects of this storm will be felt statewide, and I encourage everyone in Virginia to prepare now.”

And like I said, while we here in the DMV (and Northern Virginia) may not have taken such drastic measures as our friends down south on the coast, let’s all do what we can to make sure that if flooding does occur, we’re safe and we know what to do.

That’s really the best precaution for this hurricane. 



Courtesy of insidenova.com

Tell me, what are your plans this weekend for Hurricane Florence? Are you getting out of town, cozying up inside your home, or something else? Share in the comments below. 

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