The Georgetown Library closed for two days after live snakes were found living in the basement. 

You go to the library to check out books, movies, and maybe a few magazines. But what about snakes? The Georgetown Library recently had a few unexpected slithery, scaly visitors in their basement that caused the branch to close down for a few days.

The Washington Post reports that a staff member found a snake in the library last Saturday and was able to catch and release it outside. But the snakes were not done there! Hours later, a different employee also found two snakes in the library.

The library staff called pest control and closed the branch to the public two hours before their closing hours to protect visitors. It seems as if there was a total of four snakes calling the library home. The library remained closed for two days afterward while pest control made sure the snakes were truly gone. Pest control also put snake repellent around the library and sealed off openings where the snakes may have been getting through. 

Thankfully, it seems the snakes were garter snakes, which are harmless snakes found throughout the United States.

The library reopened on Tuesday, and now there should only be people perusing the shelves for books.

People are warned to keep an eye out for snakes in their homes, libraries, and other places as wet, humid weather tends to bring snakes out. According to experts, snakes come out in the rainy weather to chase the frogs and may end up in buildings.

What do you think? What would you do if you found a snake at the library? Let us know in the comments below!

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