A Huguenot High School student's mother is filing charges after a school security officer body slammed her son into the ground.

First reported by the local NBC affiliate, WWBT, a case out of Huguenot High School has parents and community members shaking their heads. Andre Nious, an 11th grade student at the school, was punched in the eye by a fellow student during school hours. He reports that instead of dealing with his attacker, the school security guard lifted him up and slammed him into the ground. “’Yeah, your [expletive] ain't going nowhere.' That’s what the security guard said," Nious said. While the security guard was kneeling on him, Andre Nious worried that his attacker would keep hitting him. "What if he would have kicked my son in the face while the security guard laying on him, not listening to him to tell him the guy is coming back,” Andre’s mother asked. “No one restrained the dude who hit my son first.” Andre say that he still feels pain in his chest from when the Huguenot High School school security officer kneeled on him.

A spokesperson for Richmond Public Schools released a statement that the incident is under investigation. "This incident is currently being investigated. The expectation is that all staff will follow appropriate procedures when responding to a student altercation. As always, the safety of our students is a top priority and all students are expected to demonstrate appropriate behavior as outlined in the Richmond Public Schools Student Code of Responsible Ethics (S.C.O.R.E.) Handbook," the spokesperson said. The Nious family is not waiting for the results of this investigation. Andre’s mother is filing charges against the school security officer for using excessive force on her son. "He didn’t have to body slam him on the floor like that. Head first too…It makes me sick to my stomach, because I wasn’t there to protect him," the mother said. You can check out the video below:

Richmond Police were forced to shoot a knife-wielding suspect over the weekend.