Streetsblog Denver finds that RTD is the most expensive public transit system in the nation. 

Thanks to the rate hikes of 2019, it is more expensive to ride public transit in Denver when compared to other cities of similar size or larger. StreetsBlog Denver compared rates across 14 metro cities, including Seattle, Boston, Pheonix, and more to calculate its results.

"RTD’s new adult fare, which now costs $3, up from $2.60, is more than twice the price of bus and train tickets in Austin and Houston, which go for $1.25. Denver’s fares will also hit riders’ wallets harder than in New York and San Francisco, where tickets are less expensive and the cost of living is higher," the study relates.  

RTD rates are also increasing from $4.50 to $5.25 for regional service, as well as $9 to and $10.50 for an A-line trip to the airport. In addition to the rate hikes, several routes were cut in 2018, with more bus service cuts planned in 2019. 

According to StreetsBlog Denver, RTD has seen declining ridership for four years straight.

It's not all bad news, though, as RTD has also implement deeper discounts and service upgrades to help more people ride. 

It now offers a 70 percent discount to ages 6-19 years of age. This is a 20 percent discount increase over the prior offer. Low-income riders who live at 185 percent of the poverty level (A family of four making about $46,000 or less would qualify) can now get fares at a 40 percent discount. 

The rest of us who have to pay the regular fares aren't totally left out. The direction you travel no longer matters; a cash fare is valid for three hours, even making a round trip.

See the RTD website for the 2019 fare changes. 

Do you take public transit? Will the fare hikes affect your rides? Let us know in the comments below.

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