"Frankly, she's lucky to be alive."

A woman suffered an incredibly horrible brain injury after a chair fell 12 stories out of a New York City penthouse and caved her head in. She had to go through emergency surgery and has had two more surgeries since.

Annabel Sen, 24, was walking near Union Square in January when a wooden lounge chair fell from a 12th-floor penthouse owned by GR Realty Holdings, which is, in turn, owned by Michael Rubin, co-owner of the Philadelphia 76ers. As a result, Sen has decided to sue GR Realty Holdings.

Her lawyer, Benedict Morelli, elaborated on the situation: “She has undergone three brain surgeries. We are hoping that she returns to full cognitive abilities, but the future is still unclear at this point. She suffered a horrific injury. Frankly, she’s lucky to be alive."

Apparently Rubin has not lived in the building for over a year. The New York City Department of Buildings has issued a citation and a $6,250 fine. Now, Rubin, the condominium board, and the men who were leasing the apartment are all considered defendants in Sen's case.

"The piece of unsecured terrace furniture was caused to fall due to the carelessness, recklessness, and negligence of the Defendants, their agents, servants and/or employees," the complaint states.

"Mr. Rubin and the other defendants should have foreseen the potential for this to occur and taken appropriate precautions," Morelli said. "This doesn't happen without negligence. It's not an act of God. I'm going to hold them responsible."

He added that "Annabel’s spirit and optimism are a testament to her character. She remains committed to her recovery and is making progress each day."

Sen had wished to obtain a master's degree this fall at Harvard Medical School after working in a private equity. She has since had to move back in with her parents and can't attend due to her injuries.

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