Woodbridge can be a pretty colorful place, and there's usually no lack of ridiculous stories coming out of the local and county police crime blotters. We're just part-way through the week, but here are some of the strangest crimes reported so far.

This week, Prince William County Police arrested a man for strangling and biting a female victim, and a drug suspect tried to kill an officer by pushing him into oncoming traffic.

Man Arrested for Biting Victim in the Leg

Add it to the list of things that should go without saying... Prince William County Police are reminding Woodbridge residents not to go around biting one another, after a domestic dispute turned violent. Police were originally called to the 12600 block of Wimbley Lane to investigate a domestic altercation. They arrived at the address at 3 a.m. and made contact with the 37-year-old victim. She told officers that she got into an argument with Anthony Lee Winns, Jr., age 35, who lives at the address. He allegedly became confrontational when the victim refused to give him her phone so he could destroy it. The altercation turned violent, and Winns is accused of strangling her, kneeing her in the chest, and finally biting the victim's leg. The victim eventually got away from her attacker and was able to phone police. Upon arrival, officers were able to take Winns into custody without incident. He was charged with one count of strangulation and two counts of destruction of property. It is unclear whether he will face additional assault charges for biting his victim's leg, but it sounds like he probably should!

Suspect Tries to Push Officer into Traffic

Traffic stops are especially dangerous for police officers. Every year, officers are killed around the country after being struck by oncoming traffic during a routine stop. Most of the time, however, police don't have to worry about the suspects trying to push them into traffic. Police stopped 32-year-old Azher Mustafa after he ran through a red light. They followed Mustafa onto I-95 before executing the stop. Immediately, the officer on the scene noticed signs of drug use. At that point, Mustafa allegedly reached under his seat, grabbed a plastic container, and tried to ingest all of the marijuana therein. Obviously, if you try to eat your stash right next to a police officer, you're going to have a bad time. Mustafa, however, decided to take it one step further. During the attempted arrest, a struggle ensued. The suspect allegedly tried to push the arresting officer into I-95 traffic. Luckily, the officer was able to deploy pepper spray and subdue the assailant until backup could arrive. If you're going to drive, don't run through red lights. And if you do, don't try to eat your stash right in front of the cops. And if you do, don't try to kill the officer by pushing him into traffic.

Police Arrest Robbery Suspect... In Jail

A few weeks ago, the Exxon station at 13594 Quaker Lane was robbed by an armed robber. An employee reported to police that an armed man had entered the station, brandished his gun, and ordered the attendant to hand over the money from the register. Police had been working the case for a week, trying desperately to catch the suspect. It turns out, he was already in police custody in a Fairfax jail on completely unrelated charges. Once Prince William County police made the connection, they drove to Fairfax and arrested 34-year-old Darryl Jermaine Watkins on robbery charges and using a firearm in the commission of a felony. Now that Watkins is in Prince William County Police custody, one has to wonder whether another department will come knocking with even more charges!

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