We are famously known for our beautiful Rocky Mountains. The skiing is excellent, but is that all there really is to do? Here are the 5 top non-skiing Colorado winter activities.


Snowshoeing is great for anyone and everyone. It is mindless, yet you get the chance to explore the beauty Colorado has to offer at a pace that is relaxing. Get the experience of being engulfed in the mountains while taking your time. Colorado winter activities

2. Tubing

Offered at almost any ski resort, this is probably one of the most thrilling of all Colorado winter activities. Lanes are created for each tuber so you can zip down the mountain. Once you’re done, latch your tube onto the conveyor belt and let it take you up for another round. Colorado winter activities

3. Ice Skating

Grab your skates and your significant other for the perfect date. This tops the Colorado winter activities list because it is much cheaper than skiing and it’s easy to get to. Colorado winter activities

4. Snowmobiling

Snowmobiling is a blast because you can explore all around the Rocky Mountains while not tiring yourself out. Fun in big groups, this activity is perfect for relatives coming in town or for a small getaway adventure. Colorado winter activities

5. Dog sledding

This is one that tops the list as being one of the rarest Colorado winter activities. If you thought this was only found in other states, think again. You can in fact go dog sledding in Colorado. Add this to your bucket list! Colorado winter activities

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