Kings Dominion is introducing a new roller coaster for the 2018 season!

When Kings Dominion opens on March 24 for the 2018 season, visitors will have a new roller coaster to enjoy. Twisted Timbers, which has a steel track and wooden support beams, is being called a "hybrid coaster," and is the first of its kind in the mid-Atlantic. The reason this coaster has hybrid construction is because the structure is not new; Twisted Timbers is actually what used to be the Hurler, a coaster that operated from 1994 to 2015. While the wooden structure remains the same, a new steel track has been installed to ensure the best possible experience for riders. [gallery type="rectangular" size="medium" ids="6769,6772"]
Twisted Timbers includes a 109-foot barrel roll drop and a total of three inversions, and also reaches a speed of 54 miles per hour. Not only does this coaster satisfy the thrill-seeker, but it also has a little something for the story-lover. The backstory surrounding this themed ride involves an abandoned apple orchard and a mysterious force that tore through on an ominous day in 1950, destroying everything in its path and leaving the orchard desolate. The ride takes you through the sad scenery of that fateful day. [gallery type="rectangular" size="medium" ids="6770,6768,6767"] The park has taken great lengths to ensure that this new ride is not just an updated version of the Hurler. Their goal has been to make Twisted Timbers a completely new ride, unlike anything Kings Dominion has offered before. The park has partnered with Rocky Mountain Construction, a renowned coaster company known for its amazing coaster conversions. They specialize in transforming older, wooden roller coasters into new and exciting steel-tracked rides. RMC has been working since March of 2017 to enhance the structure with new twists, inversions, and even more height to ensure an increase in speed. [embed][/embed] So don't miss out on this one-of-a-kind adventure, and visit Kings Dominion this season to experience everything that Twisted Timbers has to offer! For more information on the park, click here. What is your favorite ride at Kings Dominion? Tell us in the comments!

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