Two of three eggs have hatched, and you can watch them on a live feed. 

Two much-watched eagles, located at Xcel's Fort St. Vrain Station in Platteville, welcomed two of three eaglets this week. The first eaglet made its debut on March 24, and the second emerged from its shell on March 25. The duo is currently named FSV39 and FSV40, respectively. The assigned numbers tell us that there the 39th and 40th eagles to hatch out of this nest. 

The eagle pair and the eaglets all appear to be doing well. The proud parents are vigilantly staying with the young ones and continue to incubate the third egg. The hatchlings are definitely starting to get their bearings and are pretty active in the nest already. 

The female laid the eggs on February 13, February 17, and February 20. They usually hatch late March to early April and will fledge in June. 

You can watch the two eaglets and maybe (fingers crossed) see the third hatch at website. The eagles also feed the eaglets on a regular basis, which is a must-see. 


Look at those adorable fluff balls! The third unhatched egg is just visible behind the eaglet on the right. Courtesy of Xcel Energy. 

Eagle pairs have been faithfully coming back to the same spot to lay, hatch, and raise their brood for years. According to Xcel, the pair’s nest, or aerie, is six-foot wide by five-foot deep and is high up in a cottonwood tree. The cameras were installed in 2003 to catch the natural miracle, but eagles had been settling there long before that. To date, including the two newest eagles, 40 eaglets have hatched at this location.

Check out the footage of the second hatch below, courtesy of Xcel (YouTube).

You can learn more about the history of the eagles at this nest and continue to watch them live as their journey unfolds at the website

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