These are five of the BEST dog walking and jogging products on Amazon that will not break the bank!

I would like to premise this by sharing with you that my wife and I have two very high-energy English Springer Spaniels who manage to destroy most products by either chewing on them or busting through them. We have gone through many leashes, harnesses, collars, etc., and felt that it was only fair that we share our success with others after throwing a good few hundred dollars of worthless products away.

These five items make walking or jogging with your dog(s) an absolute breeze!

Ruffwear -- Flat Out Hand-Held or Waist-Worn Dog Leash

I bought this for my wife two years ago, and she is still raving about it. She has tried and thrown out many of the dedicated “running leashes” after a few runs with them. She almost gave up on leashed running altogether, until I bought her this one. It's definitely more expensive than the standard jogging leash, but it is built to last. It has withstood our high-energy puppies literally pulling her up huge hills and is strong enough for her to attach another strong leash to it so that she can run with both dogs “hands-free.” She also loves the length of it since it enables her to quickly pull the dogs in and gain full control of them when other dogs or joggers run past.

Comfort Control Dog Harness Adjustable Puppy Walk Harness Reflective Vest Anti-pull Safety Vest by Truelove (TLH5651)

Finding a good dog harness is almost as difficult as finding the right jogging leash. But boy, have we found the right harness here! We have been using this harness exclusively for the past two years and love it! It is bright and catches drivers’ attention as they drive by at dusk/dawn while still giving us control over the dogs when we need to exercise a little control. It is also extremely durable and has withstood our puppies pulling my wife all over the place on leash while she runs with them. Are they comfortable? My one dog is so tired after a run that he falls asleep wearing his harness. They love them.

Hamilton Double-Thick Nylon Dog Walking Lead Total Length Including Loop Handle

Sometimes, a good sturdy nylon leash is all you need. If my wife is going out on a walk and doesn't want to deal with the dog pulling on her waist, she uses one of these. This leash doesn't have a lot of frills, but it is built to last. This is great at any length, but my wife’s favorite is the short 4-ft. leash that enables her to keep our dogs close by her side when she runs. It is extremely strong and never frays. She has even been able to attach it to her Ruffwear waist leash so that she can run both dogs at the same time hands-free.

Tuff Mutt Collapsible Canvas Dog Bowl

It is important to make sure your pooch stays hydrated during your run. For the longest time, we had one of those rummer collapsable bowls. It worked ok, but it was still kind of clunky to carry it on runs and hikes. Then we found the TuffMutt collapsible canvas dog bowl. This is by-far one of the most collapsible bowls on the market. It is basically just a reinforced canvas square. It has snaps that help you fold it into the shape of a bowl. When you're done, just unsnap it and wipe off the water and then you're all set! If you hate those typical collapsible bowls, this is the one to try!

Pogi's Poop Bag Dispenser -- Includes 1 Roll (15 Bags) -- Leak-Proof Dog Waste Bags

One of the most important things about dog walking/running is being courteous to your fellow pedestrians. That means picking up dog poop. Carrying bags with you can be a real pain. Lots of companies offer solutions like this. I like the Pogi poop bag dispenser the best because it includes a carabiner to attach it to my pack or belt AND it is only $3.99 with free Amazon Prime shipping. My wife likes to clip the bag dispenser to her waist leash. That way she always has enough bags on her!


What about you? What is your favorite outdoor dog product? Tell us in the comment section below!