Everyone loves Ocean City, but good memories aren't all that can be left behind. Here are two ways to help keep Ocean City clean and beautiful for everyone!

On April 7, a few of my friends and I went to Ocean City because we agreed to help out at a cleanup event. We all love this seaside place because of its beautiful sights and the memories we've all made there. So, we figured there's no better way to repay the city for these experiences than helping to clean it up! Throughout this event, we picked up endless cigarette butts, straws, plastic bags and bottles, cans, and more -- the list goes on! Not only do these things tarnish Ocean City, which is praised for its stunning views, but they also harm the environment. So, in order to help Ocean City maintain its beauty, here are two things that visitors and locals alike can do to help keep it cleaner for the summer, all while helping to aid the environment! Talk about a win-win!

Participate in a beach cleanup event

Who doesn't love an Ocean City beach day? It's always amazing to have the sun warming your skin as you breathe in the crisp sea air while sinking into the sand to relax! We never want days like these to end or be complicated by debris. Beach cleanup events can be a great way to clear out the trash and make sure beaches are safer for both people and animals! There's a monthly program by the Ocean City Surf Club called "Adopt Your Beach" that focuses on clearing the trash from the beach. According to OC Today, "Adopt Your Beach needs volunteers willing to work at least four times a year." So make sure you visit the Ocean City Surf Club's website for more information on signing up and volunteering your time.

Try going strawless

It may seem odd, but it's going to make a huge difference! The Ocean City chapter of the Surfrider Foundation has created an initiative to push for people to go strawless this summer. Americans use 500 million straws every year -- that's enough to fill 46,400 school buses every year, according to Delmarva Now. And when those straws are simply discarded on beaches, this can be a big problem for beach cleaning machines since they are unable to reach them. Which then causes the straws to drift into the ocean, causing a whole slew of other issues for wildlife. It's the little things that make all the difference! We'll be taking the pledge and going strawless this summer. Will you? Also, what other ideas do you have to keep Ocean City as pristine as possible? Let us know your thoughts below!

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