A female moose left a clearing disappointed after realizing that a metal moose statue would not be fathering her children.

A scene fit National Geographic devolved into a Funniest Home Video when Youtuber John Woods captured video of a female moose, or cow, trying (unsuccessfully) to mate with a decorative metal moose statue.

The two-minute video – shot in Black Forest, Colorado – shows the lady moose clearly attracted to the statue. She circles her crush, nuzzling as she passes. Then, obviously aggravated by the statue not making the first move, Mrs. Moose decides to mount the object of her desire. That goes poorly since the statue was not designed to hold up the weight of a full grown female moose. Adult moose in Colorado typically weigh 800 to 1,200 pounds. The decorative moose sculpture topples over, leaving the cow confused and perplexed.
She jogs away from her victim and briefly stops to check if anyone noticed her embarrassing case of mistaken identity. Mounting is usually left to the male, or bull, moose, but cows have been known to mount on occasion. The Colorado rut season – when moose typically mate – usually peaks in the first two weeks of October. This video, however, appears to be shot during the Spring. It isn’t the first time that this Momma Moose wandered onto Woods’ property. Another video uploaded to YouTube shows the cow playing with tire swing. She may have struck out with the tire swing and the statue, but hopefully this moose finds love eventually. Take a look at the video: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=D47ViKbqxO4

Maybe she’ll meet up with the Moose family that just got evicted from an apartment complex?