Be prepared for the next snow day with our list of the best Northern Virginia sledding hills!

Virginia has had a pretty warm December, but don't let that fool you. The temperatures are expected to drop precipitously in January, meaning that it is only a matter of time before Northern Virginia gets its next snow day. And when that happens, the kids are going to want one thing: to go sledding at the best Northern Virginia sledding hills. Waking up after a snowstorm means that you are up against the clock. Not only do you need to get to the hill before everyone else does, but you also need to make sure that you get there before the mid-day sun starts melting all your powder. This is our comprehensive list of the best Northern Virginia sledding hills. Use this list so that when you see snow on the forecast, you'll be ready to be the first on the hill! **Just as an aside, most elementary and middle schools in the area allow children to sled on their hills on snow days. If you feel more comfortable bringing your child to a school, definitely reach out and check with the school's front office to see if they will be allowing sledding this year.

Fairfax County

Lake Fairfax Park in Reston, VA: Now, I know what you're thinking. Yes, much of Lake Fairfax Park remains closed until March 31. However, what few people know is that you can still technically access the park through the entrance on Lake Fairfax Drive. Make your way over to the picnic area and you'll find a great sledding hill behind the restrooms. Jefferson Manor Park in Alexandria, VA: This park has a great sledding hill that bottoms out right into the parking lot. While there are plenty of benches for parents to sit and watch their children sled, you can also cheat and sit in your car without giving up your view of the hill. Just make sure you get there early to claim a good parking spot. Westgate Park in McLean, VA: Best known for its well-maintained tennis courts, this park also boasts a pretty good sledding hill tucked behind one of its baseball fields. Mason District Park in Annandale, VA: Not the best sledding location, but the park definitely has good sledding hills if you're local and not looking to drive that far. Other Fairfax County parks to try out: Wood Glen Lake Park, George Mason Park, Brookfield Park, Canterbury Woods, Stringfellow Park, Cardinal Forest Park, Nottoway Park, Crooked Creek Park, Franconia Park, the Marie Butler Leven Preserve, Greenway Heights Park, Lakeside Park, and Surrey Square Park. Warning: Do NOT try to sled at any Fairfax County golf courses. Sledding is banned and it will not end well if you try. Believe me, others have tried and failed to get away with it.

Arlington County

Tuckahoe Park in Arlington, VA: Definitely one of the best Northern Virginia sledding hills. This one is not for the little ones, but is a great spot to bring older children looking for an adrenaline rush. Look for the hill along Sycamore Street. Lubber Run Park in Arlington, VA: Ok, this one is only really a contender if there is a lot of snow on the ground. That is because the park's best sledding hill isn't actually a hill. It is the walkway leading to the amphitheater. Since it is not a grassy knoll, that takes this park out of contention if there is just an inch of snow on the ground. But if NoVa gets buried, or if conditions are exceptionally icy, this can be a great Northern Virginia sledding hill. Glencarlyn Park: Not my first choice for a sledding spot, but the park's 95+ acres do have a number of hilly spots that can work well for sledding, especially if you prefer more space for your snow activities. Other Arlington County parks to try out: Jamestown Park and Hayes Street Hill.

Loudoun County

Franklin Park in Purceville, VA: Hands down the best sledding park in the area. On top of that, if there is enough snow on the ground, you will even see skiers and snowboarders taking advantage of this 203-acre park's hills.

Stafford County

Trench Hill in Fredericksburg, VA: Ok, this is a little bit of a drive, especially if you live further north. But this is one of the most popular sledding hills in all of Virginia. So popular, I might add, that it has its own Facebook page. How popular does a sledding hill have to be to get a Facebook page? Pretty darn popular...

Prince William County

Signal Hill Park in Manassas, VA: This park gets its name from the Civil War. Confederate troops used the hill to spot Union troop movements during the First Battle of Manassas. If it was good enough for war time spying, you can bet this hill is good enough for sledding! Definitely one of the best Northern Virginia sledding hills, especially if you're local. Manassas National Battlefield's Stone House in Manassas, VA: Keeping in line with the Civil War theme, there is an excellent sledding hill right next to the spot where the Civil War hospital once stood. Also try out: Mapledale Plaza in Dale City, VA.
Well, did we miss any of your favorite Northern Virginia sledding hills? Let us know in the comment section below!

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