Instead of regular tent camping, try out yurt glamping this summer!

Camping is an age-old summertime ritual. For generations, families have waited until after Memorial Day to pack up their gear, load the kids into the old station wagon, and drive the hour and a half to the closest state park for a weekend of wilderness fun. It's one of the most budget-friendly vacation options -- and perfect for families with younger kids. There is something so pure and nostalgic about camping, too. Parents take their kids because of their own fond camping memories, hoping that the tradition is passed on to future generations. However, as great as these memories are, there are times that pitching a complicated tent is a bit of a nuisance, and waking up in a wet sleeping bag because of the overnight rainfall doesn't make for a relaxing vacation. So if you're looking for an alternative to traditional tent camping (but is still guaranteed to satisfy your inner wilderness-lover!), you can opt to go "glamping" in a yurt as a way to get all of the nostalgia with less of the hassle. A yurt is a circular tent-like structure with collapsable framework, making it feel like a combination of a tent and a cabin. They have been used by nomadic people in central Asia for thousands of years, but have more recently become a popular alternative to camping in America. Yurts can range from very basic to beautifully extravagant, so there really is a yurt to fit every taste. These yurts around Virginia are sure to get you planning your next glamping trip!
Kairos Resort
[caption id="attachment_7006" align="aligncenter" width="1024"] Image courtesy of[/caption] Located on the border of Virginia and West Virginia in Glen Lyn, Kairos Resort is ideal for the nature-lover. Whether it be hiking, fishing, swimming, or hanging out by the campfire, there is no shortage of fun summer activities for the whole family. You can choose to park your RV or go completely primitive with tent-camping, but why do either of those things when you can sleep in a yurt? The yurts at Kairos Resort comfortably sleep six people, and even have a full kitchen and bathroom.
Floyd Yurt Lodging
[caption id="attachment_7007" align="aligncenter" width="650"] Image courtesy of[/caption] With two bedrooms, a loft, full kitchen and bathroom, outdoor grill, and Wi-Fi, this yurt defines "glamping." Even though it does have every modern amenity, you won't miss out on the scenic nature that surrounds it. It's less than a mile from the quaint mountain town of Floyd, and just five miles from the scenic Blue Ridge Parkway.
Cair Paravel Farms and Lodging
[caption id="attachment_7008" align="aligncenter" width="650"] Image courtesy of[/caption] You are sure to feel spoiled at Cair Paravel, located just outside of Standardsville. Situated on an operational farmstead, the Blue Ridge Mountain Yurt has every amenity imaginable. Not only does it have all of the comforts of home, it also has a hot tub and pool (shared with others lodging at the farmstead). The farm is also home to a number of animals, including baby goats, and is located just a short drive away from Shenandoah National Park. Cair Paravel also has other lodging options, including a 1986 Airstream trailer.
Virginia State Parks
[caption id="attachment_7009" align="aligncenter" width="650"] Image courtesy of[/caption] There are now six Virginia state parks that have yurts available for lodging. Pocahontas, Powhatan, Fairy Stone, Hungry Mother, Natural Tunnel, and Kiptopeke state parks all have rustic, one-roomed yurts. Most do not have electricity, making these the most primitive glamping choice. However, they are the most budget-friendly. And over the next few years, yurts will be built at seven more parks across the state!  Would you want to sleep in a yurt? Tell us in the comments!

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