She's got babies to raise, and she isn't wasting any time. 

After the male of a Littleton-area eagle pair died around March's bomb cyclone blizzard, things were looking pretty bleak for his mate and her incubating eggs. Experts were preparing us for the worst, saying that it was unlikely she would be able to hatch and raise the eaglets on her own, as she would have to leave the eggs exposed to predators and the elements to find food. Experts related that the only chance the eggs had was if a new mate happened by, though that was considered unlikely. 

But what a difference a few days make! It appears our newly single female eagle has not one, but possibly two suitors to choose from. Maybe.

Last week, a local wildlife photographer snapped her hanging out with a juvenile eagle (do we have a cougar on our hands?). Just days later, she was spotted getting cozy with another eagle who was more age appropriate.

Which one will win her affection? Well, it might not be a competition at all. Colorado Parks and Wildlife has added its two cents to this story, suggesting that it is quite likely that the younger eagle might simply be momma's juvenile son, moving back in to mooch off his parent like any good millennial.

So this leaves us with the more suitable love match of the older eagle male. The photographer who has followed the eagle soap opera says initially the female was not having it, or at the least playing very hard to get. But in a short time, the two were seen perched side by side, the male being called up from the friend zone. 

Will it be a match made in bird heaven? Only time will tell, as it's possible the female is still mourning her mate, though it is expected that she would have a new mate by breeding season next year. However, the arrival of the new guy could be the best chance this year's crop of eggs has to hatch. Personally, I'll be rooting for happily "eagle" after. 

Check out the original piece on this eagle drama for more information on how it all started.

This Platteville pair of eagles are officially parents!