The Fairfax County Police Department has given the public notice that there will be DWI checkpoint on the evening of October 13 in the Falls Church area.

Last week, Fairfax Police processed 833 cars through their DWI checkpoint at Route 1 and Mount Eagle Drive. As we reported, this checkpoint's location was announced ahead of time, which was unusual for Fairfax County PD. Typically, these announcements were announced in a specific town or area. However, last week, police announced the specific intersection well ahead of time. Many readers commented that announcing when and where a checkpoint would be held defeats the point. However, Fairfax County Police announced Tuesday that out of the 833 cars pulled over last weekend, there was one DWI and one criminal arrest.
With that, the department announced that another checkpoint would be held on October 13 on Route 50 near Allen Street near Falls Church, Virginia. While the press release does not specify a time, it is reasonable to assume that this DWI checkpoint will be held in the late evening. As we always say when we publicize these announcements, please let this serve as a reminder of how idiotic it is to get behind the wheel drunk. Aside from the untold damage you can do to yourself or others, a first time DWI in Virginia carries a maximum penalty of $2,500 fine, a year in jail, and a suspended driver’s license for full year once you get out of jail. That's not to mention the thousands of dollars in legal fees you will rack up defending yourself. The Fairfax County Police Department doesn't announce these checkpoints to help drunk drivers get away with it. They make these announcements to serve as a reminder that if you drink and drive, you will get caught. So just leave the keys at home and take an Uber instead...

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