Attman’s Deli of Baltimore has some of the best deli food in town. If you happen to be in the neighborhood, stopping in for lunch would definitely be a good idea.

The Daily Meal’s list of the 101 best casual restaurants this year included a New York-style deli located in Baltimore. Attman’s Delicatessen has been in business since 1915 and has become a local landmark. The Jewish deli has not changed over the years. Their variety of deli food offerings has remained the same and includes everything that you would find at a real New York Jewish deli. Whether you are in the mood for corned beef, roast beef, potato pancakes, or matzo ball soup, Attman’s delectable deli food is certain to fill your stomach and please the taste buds. deli This Lombard Street fixture sits proudly on the city's famed "Corned Beef Row," and is a local favorite known for being an “authentic” Jewish New York deli which has maintained the refined traditions of the communities of Jewish immigrants who migrated to New York City in early American history, as well as the Eastern European cuisine from which the immigrants’ traditions spawned. At Attman’s, patrons will find a menu stocked with items from the canon of Jewish delis -- obligatory items like chopped liver, matzo ball soup, pickles, and hot dogs.
Attman’s has also opened a location in Potomac, nestled in a shopping center along Tuckerman Lane. It offers the same menu items as the Lombard Street location -- only the setting is different.  Both locations have seating areas where you can enjoy your lunch break or lunch date. Attman’s Baltimore has a bit more charm and history, but for most, all that matters is the food and speed of service. After all, delis are not about the ambiance of enjoying an elegant meal within the walls of a fancy-schmancy establishment, but a place to grab a steaming hot sandwich to ease your growling stomach. deli So, what’s good at Attman’s? Visitors should definitely try the pickles from the marked jars. For some, common items such as pickles and hotdogs are the same everywhere, but once you have bitten into a real New York deli hotdog, pickle, or any other item, the difference is noticeable from the get-go. Attman’s has also become known for its “famous” corned beef Reuben which was voted Baltimore’s Best. deli For just under $12, this hearty sandwich made with Jewish corned beef, sauerkraut, and melted Swiss cheese draws multiple repeat customers and regulars. If you are feeling adventurous and don’t mind spending a couple dollars more, you might want to try the “Gay Liveration” which is a sandwich made with corned beef, chopped liver, imported Swiss, lettuce and Bermuda onion. The Tongue Fu combo sandwich is also something different. Rather expensive at $21.39, it's loaded with beef tongue, pastrami, corned beef, Swiss, and spicy mustard, and served with coleslaw and a pickle. The prices on the vast assortment of items is rather fair; only specialty and larger items are on the expensive side. Patrons who are really hungry should go for the combo sandwiches while patrons who just want some real New York deli food might want to opt for a hot dog or the homemade meat knishes. deli   Attman’s Baltimore is located at 1019 East Lombard Street, and the Cabin John Location in Potomac is located on 7913 Tuckerman Lane. Catering and delivery service are available; visit Attman’s website for more info.

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