Looking for the best burger spots in MoCo? Here is the short list of places to enjoy that bun enveloped, delicious burger!

These days, burger joints are popping up everywhere here in Montgomery County, Maryland.  With some of the new developments being built along Rockville Pike (355), in Gaithersburg, and elsewhere in the ever stretching suburbs of the county, the steaks, er, well, I meant, stakes have been raised very high.  And especially for those on a budget who want the most bang for their buck when plunking down those lunch and dinner dollars at the best spots to grab a delicious burger. [gallery size="large" columns="2" ids="4012,4013"]


Yes, Urban Bar-B-Que may do an amazing job with their briquet, smoked ribs and Urban Soul Rolls, their sauces and selections of Burgers are fantastic. Urban BBQ definitely has a warm spot in my heart for when I am traversing through parts of Rockville looking to get my burger and sauce fix. There are two locations in Rockville, and one in Sandy Spring, Maryland. There are other locations in Maryland (Baltimore, Hanover, Silver Spring) and one location in Ashburn, Virginia. Two of the three Urban BBQ's I have frequented have full bars, so the option of getting a pint of beer to enjoy with your burger and sides is doable. For more information about URBAN BBQ and their burgers and other great food, feel free to check out their site. [gallery size="large" columns="2" ids="4008,4009"]

Five Guys Burgers And Fries

A place that has been serving up burgers (and we mean big ones) for the past decade here in Montgomery County, Five Guys Burgers and Fries has options for those fans of the small hamburger with all the requested fixins (toppings) or the regular size hamburger (a meaty meal for two in my opinion). They have a lot of great toppings choices, so it pays to look the topping menu over once or twice for those looking to have the Five Guy's staff pile on your favorite choices. Now, there are some fans that are just in there to get the grilled cheese or the hotdog. But, the idea is to get a nice fulfilling meal of beef and bread and vegetable, so we like to stick to the main selling point for this diatribe. For more information about Five Guys Burgers and Fries, feel free to check out their site.
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Red Robin Gourmet Burgers And Brews

While they do have other great items on the menu, Red Robin's gourmet burgers are tough to pass up -- besides it is in their brand and logo for focusing on gourmet burgers as a main selling point. While you may enjoy some savory onion rings on the side to complement your burgers most times like I do, their burgers seem to tickle the taste buds and satisfy the palette when it comes to the need to devour a large beef patty and a bun (toppings are a different subject altogether). Some burger spots stay steadfast in how they roll, as far as how a burger and hamburger or bison burger patty is prepared, Red Robin likes to shake up the ingredients as far as interesting combinations of ingredients and topping is concerned. I tend to like the caramelized onions and unique sauces on my burger, but it really depends on the time of year one goes there. I like to see what the menu has when it comes to their delicious burgers. With locations in Gaithersburg and Germantown, these are mainstays for those who travel the main 270 corridor looking for a good burger to enjoy. For more information about Red Robin Gourmet Burgers, feel free to check out their site. [gallery columns="2" size="large" ids="4006,4007"]

Roy Rogers Restaurants

If you are lucky to be on a main stretch of Georgia Avenue or 355 in Montgomery County and remember the nostalgia of Roy Rogers or the other "once owned Marriott franchises" known as Hot Shoppes/Hot Shoppes Junior, then it should also juggle the memory about Roy Roger's "Double R Burger." The "Double R" (ham included on the burger) will be one to choose from my "best spot for a burger" list. Now, some may contend that the Roast Beef sandwich, Gold Rush Chicken Sandwich or the Fried Chicken and biscuit are the best part of the Roy Rogers Restaurant favorites list, but the "Double R" is strictly Roy Roger's tradition all the way. Many of the Roy Rogers are franchises nowadays, so there could be some slight differentiation between the locations, but none that I have noticed in my county of late. There are more franchises popping up in Germantown, Gaithersburg, and Burtonsville, Maryland, so it seems that more and more people are getting the hankering for a burger. For more information about Roy Rogers Restaurants, feel free to check out their site. Was our list of best burger spots too succinct? What is your best burger spot in Montgomery County? Let us know by leaving a comment below!
Featured image courtesy of Roy Rogers (Facebook page).

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