Buying local beans is not only a great way to try something new, but also a great way to support your local economy, all the while getting your caffeine fix.

Whether you like it black and hot or iced with cream and sugar, coffee makes the world go round. Well, at least it does for those of us hopelessly addicted to caffeine! In this globalized world market you can find coffee beans from all over the world in your local grocery store. The coffee companies you know and love roast tons of beans en masse every day, but what about beans roasted in your own backyard? Well, maybe not in your backyard, but pretty close to your backyard -- like at your local coffee shop. While it's exciting to try coffees from all over the world, buying local is a great way to support your local economy while getting your caffeine fix. Below are some of the best coffee roasters across Virginia for you to try!

Rare Bird Coffee Roasters, Falls Church

[embed][/embed] This speciality roaster opened its doors in the summer of 2016. What started out as a hobby for local couple Bryan Becker and Lara Berenji quickly became a career. Rare Bird is the most recent coffee roaster to seek inspiration from the hipster-coffee craze; not only do they provide a speciality product for coffee aficionados, but they also educate less-informed coffee lovers about the finer aspects of brewing and tasting coffee. Through tasting notes that common-folk can understand and resources on how to brew, Rare Bird makes gourmet beans accessible to the masses. Their location in Falls Church might offer just the trendy and chic coffee drinking environment you're looking for.

Shenandoah Joe Coffee Roasters, Charlottesville

[embed][/embed] This coffee roaster has served C-ville since 1993. Since then, Shenandoah Joe has established quite the reputation for itself; they won the 2017 Reader's Choice "Best Caffeine Destination." The roaster has four brick and mortar coffee shops, but its most visit-worthy location is its Preston Ave Espresso Bar and Roastery. The bar carries four espressos on bar daily (including decaf), and sells an extensive variety of the beans roasted there; the shop currently sells over 25 varieties of specialty coffee using only the finest Arabica coffee from all over the world. If you're going to visit and try anything, try one of their espresso roasts.

Three Ships Coffee Roasters, Virginia Beach

[embed][/embed] If you're on the coast and need your caffeine fix, Three Ships has you covered. This coffee roaster pays homage to the long nautical history of the Virginia coast, but also provides the contemporary coffee you crave. This ship's captains are Brad and Amy Ewig, who are dedicated to providing finer coffee flavors. They are a Nordic-style coffee roaster, meaning that their roasts are typically lighter than what other roasters produce today. They believe this lighter roasting process enhances the natural flavors of the bean. You can buy their beans online, at their new location on 19th Street, at Pop-up cafes, as well as at other local coffee shops.

Lexington Coffee Roasters, Lexington

[embed][/embed] Located in scenic, historic Lexington in Virginia's Shenandoah Valley, Lexington Coffee Roasters offers flavorful small batch roasts. They've earned two 2016 Compak Golden Bean Silver Medals, dozens of 90+ scores from Coffee Review, and repeated inclusion in the Top 30 Coffees of the Year. With such an impressive reputation, coffee lovers should definitely try these beans. Visit their tasting room, or order online, and they'll ship the same day they're roasted!

Blue Elk Coffee Roasters, Elkton

[embed][/embed] Blue Elk describes itself as "a sit-down people-watching coffee-drinking tea-pressing oasis." According to the reviews, this place lives up to its reputation. In addition to offering a tantalizing atmosphere, Blue Elk's coffee is sure to please. The shop regularly provides freshly roasted coffee for local restaurants, churches, businesses and events. The shop owner Jeff Butler says he started roasting coffee via an open campfire and realized there was a lot of potential for his unique method. Butler writes online that "at the end of the day, there’s freshly roasted coffee and then there’s not freshly roasted coffee. The difference is rather spectacular." He is now dedicated to making that spectacular difference known to guests by roasting beans fresh every single day. You can try Blue Elk at their brick and mortar shop in historic Elkton, or online. What is your favorite Virginia coffee roaster? Let us know in the comments! We'd love to add them to the list!

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