Chipotle margaritas are the one thing we're not taking advantage of and it's an absolute shame.

Burrito bowls, chips and guac, and ... Chipotle margaritas? Sure, Chipotle is known for tasty food and responsibly-sourced ingredients, but what they're lesser known for is their beer and cocktail menu. Chipotle has been serving Sauza and Patron margaritas for a while now, in addition to select bottled beers, but who knew? Has anyone really taken advantage of this drink selection when their priority has always been the chicken burrito they're about to enjoy?
Well, the guys from Foodbeast did and had nothing but positive things to say about both the quality and price of these Chipotle margaritas. Made with the time-tested basics of tequila, triple sec, lemon and lime juices, and organic agave nectar, these Chipotle margaritas are pretty tasty for the price (only around $5 for the house marg). [caption id="attachment_19095" align="aligncenter" width="867"]Chipotle Margaritas Foodbeast team does their own version of happy hour at Chipotle, 2016[/caption] These margaritas are a continuing science, too. Chipotle's NEXT Kitchen in New York City is taking these margaritas to the next level, now testing FROZEN margaritas in two varieties: a virgin strawberry and classic margarita with blanco tequila. Now, Chipotle isn't known for taking a lot of risks with its steady menu. Since Chipotle's launch in 1993, a new menu item wasn't seen until sofritas were added as a vegan option in 2014. This lack of menu expansion is due -- at least in part -- to the grueling process and food standards that the company adheres to as a core part of its values. Chipotle is, after all, the company that pioneered the idea of "food with integrity" and a dedication to serving fresh, responsibly-sourced ingredients in a mass market. [caption id="attachment_19090" align="aligncenter" width="1024"]Chipotle House Margarita Photo: Huffington Post[/caption] For all of us foodies that love our cocktails, we're thankful that the folks at Chipotle are giving their drink menu a little more attention. So far, these frozen Chipotle margaritas are only being tested at the Chipotle NEXT Kitchen in NYC. Still, if Chipotle's track record of success is any indication, these margs are sure to be sweeping into a Chipotle near you very soon. And if you're not excited enough about these Chipotle margaritas, the NEXT Kitchen is also working on, oh, just a little thing called QUESO. Big things to come ... big things to come.

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