Looking for a place to get your wine fix? Whether you're new to wine or are an experienced sommelier, here are the top five D.C. wine bars!

Calling all wine lovers! Who needs to meet up for coffee when you can meet up for a savory glass of wine? Keep reading for the top Washington, D.C. wine bars you can’t resist.

1.Mockingbird Hill

DC wine bar The only thing you’ll find at this swanky spot is a wide variety of sherries and ham. With over 90 sherries to choose from and 16 different styles, you will surely not be disappointed. This Spanish bar is the perfect meet up for long conversation and a full-bodied glass of wine. If you are feeling adventurous, they also have sherry cocktails and sherry flights, like beer flights but way boozier. Top it off with your ham sampler with garlic, toasted bread, and tomatoes.

2.The Red Hen

DC wine bar This is purely for the adventurous wine drinker. Curated by sommelier Sebastian Zutant, this fun little spot is a top contender for the Washington, D.C. wine bars list. What you’ll find here is more orange wines from peculiar regions such as Georgia and Slovenia. The wines here are as natural as can be, perhaps leaving you with a little less of a hangover. Double bonus!

3.Eno Wine Bar

DC wine bar If you haven’t visited Eno Wine Bar, you must. 27 of the wines at this cozy meet up are local. Therefore, after you’re finished with your second glass of Pinot Grigio you can easily justify ordering another because you’re supporting local businesses right? Not only do they have an extensive wine list, but they also offer education events. So next time you’re with your friends, you’ll actually know a thing or two when you act like the wine snob you are.

4. Cork Wine Bar

DC wine bars When you want a place that is ALWAYS consistent, visit Cork Wine Bar. This joint is known for its killer wine and snacks, but don’t be alarmed if you don’t see fancy wine labels. The charm of this place is that they like to serve wine that is not well known. That way, you get to discover new wines you’ve never had before!

5. The Pursuit Wine Bar

DC wine bar This is the spot you have to come to when you want to create your very own flight at a price that’s affordable. You can select any three wines to try for just $15! Or if you’re trying to forget that it’s Monday, you can begin the week with “heavy pour Mondays”. It’s exactly what it sounds like. This quirky wine bar is where it’s at!

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