While there may be a debate about whether D.C. is considered the "South," there is no debate as to how great D.C.'s BBQ is.

Sometimes you just get a hankering for sweet and spicy ribs, brisket, and all things red meat. Here are some of the top spots for BBQ in the District.

Hill Country Barbecue


Ask anyone in the area what their favorite restaurant is, and they may just name this spot. With locations only here, Manhattan, and Brooklyn, this is a rare treat that has been praised on TV and in newspapers alike. With a central Texas flare, you can go to the back of the restaurant and select and watch your meat be prepared over Texas Post Oak! From ribs to chicken to brisket, there's a meat for everyone to enjoy. Don't even get me started on the sides. With mac and cheese that melts in your mouth to the most perfect coleslaw, you'll never be happier than when you're eating at Hill Country.

Sloppy Mama's

barbecue Once you've tried some middle Texas BBQ, its time to hop on over to this St. Louis-style BBQ joint. Sloppy Mama's started off as a food truck and catering business but has now set up shop in Union Market. You simply must try their meat. With sandwiches that are not too messy, vegan options, and straight-up meat plates with classic sides, this will be the perfect midday pick-me-up. They even do catering, so try and get your HR team to bring them in for an all-staff meeting!

Ivy City Smokehouse

Barbecue A newcomer to D.C. in thriving Ivy City, this smokehouse turns up the heat! The tavern has a huge rack of ribs for an affordable cost that will keep you full for days. If you're bringing along friends who aren't big BBQ fans, don't worry. With a fresh fish market attached downstairs, you're going to get some of the best fish available in the area. The rooftop is a great place to soak up the last bits of sun, drink refreshing cocktails like cucumber mojitos, and relax to live jazz bands that play throughout the week. This little spot becomes the center of nightlife in Ivy City and is a great place to support the local community.  

DCity Smokehouse

barbecue This hidden gem has been lauded across local magazines for awhile now for bringing good old-fashioned home-cooked BBQ. The best part about DCity Smokehouse is how affordable it is! It's not a chain restaurant, so you're really getting food that's made carefully. With full platters of meat, sides, and bread for only $20, you won't find that anywhere else. They have expanded to bring more vegetarian options to the table and have even come out with their own sauces for sale. With sides that will comfort you and sandwiches that have meat dripping down, don't wear a white shirt on your visit to this little shop. What's your fave BBQ place in D.C.? We're always up for trying something new! Tell us in the comments!

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