Sometimes you have to go big or go home. And when a really fancy occasion comes around, you need to treat yourself to the best of the best that the D.C. food scene has to offer: a.k.a one of the lust-worthy preset menus.

What’s more glamorous than preset menus? Here are some of D.C.'s cream-of-the-crop restaurant choices.


Minibar is your classic go-to when it comes to preset menus in D.C. Make sure you prepare for the five-course or 20-course meal by not eating anything all day (or very little if you must eat something). Created by Jose Andres, a well-known restauranteur in Washington, D.C., famous for such classics like Zaytinya (where you should definitely take your parents for dinner) Oyamel, and many others, Minibar is a dining experiencing tailored exclusively to you. You may choose from several menu options, starting with the Chef’s Counter tasting at $275 a person, which includes more than 20 courses, or completely balling out at $575 per person with a curated wine pairing on top of your courses. They have several New Year’s choices as well, which would be the utmost glamorous way to ring in a new year. It’s also worth noting that Minibar is accompanied by Barmini, which also includes tasting packages that focuses on wines, champagnes, and cocktails. More information can be found here. [gallery columns="2" ids="4906,4905"]    

Pineapples and Pearls

Just like Minibar, Pineapples and Pearls is a Michelin-starred restaurant, and boasts a one-of-a-kind dining experience. The restaurant describes its tasting menu as “elegant, yet playful.” Your ticket will include 11 courses, drink pairings (they can do non-alcoholic if you prefer, and that will lower the price), tax, and gratuity.
You’ll have three options in terms of how to dine. You can sit in the dining room or the Chef’s Counter, both priced at $280 per person. The Chef’s Counter would put you right in front of the kitchen for the ultimate culinary viewing. You may also sit at the bar and enjoy both the food and drinks there. For detailed information on pricing, you can visit the website here. The restaurant also features a patio area. On the patio, you may enjoy a more casual environment with light snacks and cocktails. [gallery columns="2" ids="4911,4909"]


If you’re looking for a tasting menu, but really can’t drop $500 on a meal, but are willing to drop a couple hundred, Komi Restaurant may be your best bet. Komi’s menu runs at $150 per person and includes more than a dozen courses, focusing mostly on seafood. You can also add wine pairings to your meal for an additional $75. They don’t do any sort of cocktails, specializing in Old World wines and beers. You can check their website for more information on their hours, and dining experience. [gallery columns="2" ids="4904,4908"] For all of these, make sure you plan ahead, as seating is limited, and they may not be open all days of the week. And make sure you're letting them know the size of your party ahead of time, as that may change your seating arrangement. Have you tried any of these preset menus? Is there one you’re dying to experience? Let us know in the comments below!

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