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Never be caught up the creek without a corkscrew again! We've found some ingenious ways to open wine no matter what you have with you!

There's nothing worse than going to open a delicious bottle of wine for you and your friends, only to find that your corkscrew has decided now is a good time for hide and seek! Normally, you would just have to cry over un-spilled wine and hope that your nearby liquor store is still open and stocked with boxed wine. Thanks to these handy tips brought to you by Cornerstar Wine & Liquor, you can now be the hero of the party and open that wine with a common household object instead!

Use a Screw Hook Instead

Head to your junk drawer or garage and grab a screw hook. Screw it into the cork and get it snug. Now carefully and slowly wiggle the cork out, and enjoy your wine!

Grab a Serrated Knife

Stab your cork with all the rage you've built up towards it. Now slowly and carefully twist and pull. Your wine should be cork-free in no time!

Unlock Your Wine

All this one needs is your car or house key! Simply stick your key into the top of the cork, and then twist the bottle and pull gently!

Use a Bike Pump

Grab a bike pump that has a needle attachment, stick it through the cork, start pumping, and watch the cork rise! Once it's halfway out, you can easily pull it the rest of the way out with your bare hands.

Pull Out the Toolbox

Use a screwdriver to drive a screw, the longer the better, into the cork. Then use the back of the hammer to yank the screw and the cork out of the bottle.

Push the Cork Through With a Wooden Spoon

Obviously this isn't ideal, though it is a relatively safe method. You should only use this method if you're planning on drinking the entire bottle in one go since you won't be able to get the cork out once you push it through. There are plenty of ways to enjoy your favorite wine, and one great way to save on that wine is to buy it at Cornerstar Wine & Liquor! They also carry corkscrews, so you can avoid ever needing these tips again. What's your favorite trick to open wine? Share your secret in the comments!

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