Finally the chef’s heed our call, and our days of everyone from back east complaining that Denver doesn’t do Italian are numbered.

It’s not that Denver doesn’t do great Italian already, it’s just not in every neighborhood, and that might change very soon. Like we’ve seen with Sushi, fine Italian is quickly becoming Denver’s latest food fad, as evidenced by the elaborate build out of Quality Italian in Cherry Creek North. And there are more good Italian restaurants to follow. [gallery ids="10642,10643"] For 2017, Chef Elise Wiggins - the mastermind behind Panzano’s menu - has plans to launch Cattivella, another Italian prodigy. If it’s in anyway like Panzano, the people in the East Bridge development area should be shouting molto bene!.
Furthermore, the team from Frasca Food and Wine in Boulder is anxiously awaiting the build out of their new space in Union Station. That’s where we’ll see Tavernetta come to fruition on the big stage. This is from the same folks who’ve spent lots of time as Colorado’s number one restaurateurs, so the hype surrounding it is deserved. [gallery ids="10644,10645,10646,10647"] As for the rest of us, we may want to brush up on our Italian. These are dishes you’re not going to want to miss.

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