M&M's® is putting a twist on a fan-favorite – introducing the new soft caramel-filled chocolate candies.

The iconic chocolate candy brand is introducing its biggest product innovation to date with the creation of caramel-filled chocolate candies. They took one of the most popular flavors, soft caramel, and covered it in a delicious, candy-coated shell. According to a press release by Mars Chocolate North America,
"Caramel has been 'square' for far too long and M&M's is ready to change it up by giving the familiar flavor a modern and fun chocolate makeover. With the launch of its newest flavor – M&M's Caramel – the brand will not only 'unsure' caramel, but it will also introduce a new caramel sidekick to join the M&M's® spokes candies cast, host an experimental event in the heart of New York City and unveil a national advertising campaign."
The M&M's Brand launched an advertising campaign in New York City, where the new caramel sidekick was introduced to the world – "Caramel." Voiced by actor David Cross, Caramel is the latest to join the iconic group of M&M's characters.
You can view a video introducing the new addition to the team in a commercial called "Group Talk." https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=mAZyaZ0HZ2g What do you think of the new candy? Are you a fan? Let us know in the comments below.

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