Ocean City Police pulled over two drivers this past week, and instead of accepting the consequences, these two fools decided to fight back.

During the summer weekends, the population of Ocean City balloons from tens of thousands to hundreds of thousands of people, and almost all of them come by car. Combine lackluster infrastructure with alcohol-fueled partying, and the result is an extraordinary number of reckless driving cases. If you're going to come visit our beautiful shore town, please drive courteously. If you're going to drink, use a designated driver or ride-sharing service, like Uber. For goodness sake, don't drive drunk, don't drive your car into buildings, and DON'T hit other people and then try to run away!

Arrested Twice in As Many Days

Police arrested Carmen Gilmore, a 19-year-old woman from Nottingham, Maryland, after a routine seatbelt stop went horribly wrong. An Ocean City Police Officer noticed a passenger in a car not wearing a seat belt and decided to pull her over. These stops are routine in the summertime, and the officer told Gilmore and her passenger that they were going to be issued a warning. When the officer asked for Gilmore's driver's license, she launched into an expletive-ridden tirade. "So why the [BLEEP] are you pulling me over?" she asked officers before diving deeper into her curse word dictionary and accusing the stop of being racially motivated. At the height of the rant, the screaming woman could be heard more than a block away. Police then moved to place Ms. Gilmore under arrest for disorderly conduct and disturbing the peace, but she resisted the officer's attempts to handcuff her. Then, her passenger -- 18-year-old Maurice Webster, also of Nottingham -- exited the vehicle and tried to interfere in the arrest. Police were forced to strike Mr. Webster and bring him to the ground before he could be placed into custody as well. The next day, police were called on Ms. Gilmore once again as she became violent in the Public Safety Building, forcing employees to retreat behind locked doors. She was seen violently banging the glass and even kicked over a trash can before trying to flee from responding police officers. She was once again arrested on charges of disorderly conduct and malicious destruction of property. During the arrest, Gilmore reportedly assaulted an officer, leading to additional charges being added later. The moral of the story? If a police officer tells you they're going to let you off with a warning, just take it. And if you get arrested, try extra hard not to get arrested on the same charges the next day as well.

Drunk Driver Doubles Down, Destroys Police Property

If I've said it once, I've said it a million times. Don't drink and drive. There's really no excuse anymore. Call Uber or Lyft. Some clubs, like Seacrets, even arrange for free cab rides when it's time for patrons to go home. But if you do find yourself cuffed to a bench in a police station for driving drunk, try not to dig yourself into any deeper of a hole. Don't give police any excuse to charge you with a worse crime, like disorderly conduct. Alexander Sample, age 17, of Baldwin, Maryland, apparently didn't get that message. When police pulled Sample over on 70th Street, officers noticed that he had a "1,000-yard stare." They reported that his eyes were glassy and bloodshot and he couldn't even stand without holding onto the vehicle for support. When officers tried administering a field sobriety test, Sample resisted. At one point, officers reported that he struck a "fighting stance," as if preparing to fight the police. Not surprisingly, he was arrested and brought into the station. Most people would accept that their night couldn't get any worse and just cooperate. Not Mr. Sample. While being booked into the jail, Alexander Sample allegedly used his handcuffs to damage a police desk and peel up the laminate. When he was moved elsewhere, he pulled on his chains until he broke the connector off the wall. In addition to being charged with drunk driving, Mr. Sample was also formally charged with malicious destruction of property.
So, what do these two cases have in common? They both involved people who were pulled over but decided a seatbelt violation or drunk driving charge simply wasn't enough. Ocean City Police Officers have enough on their hands during the summer. If they pull you over, be respectful. If you happen to be ticketed or arrested, be respectful. And if an officer tries to take you into custody, don't attack him or her. Don't exercise disorderly conduct. You'll also be amazed how far you can get by not punching a police officer!

Public Service Announcement: Stop exposing your genitals in Ocean City.