After a summer of seemingly never-ending indecent exposure arrests, Ocean City ended its peak season on a... brown note... after Police arrested a New York man they found unconscious, pants-less, and covered in feces.

I've said it before, but I will say it again: why do people think they can come to Ocean City and just start getting naked and defecating in the streets? In August, Ocean City Police arrested a man on indecent exposure charges after he ran through the streets with his genitals exposed, throwing his own excrement at passersby. Apparently, one New Yorker wanted to one-up him, but passed out in the process. Police were called to the area around 55th Street at 6 a.m. on the Sunday morning before Labor Day. Witnesses called 9-11 to report a man who had passed out in a parking lot. When they arrived, officers realized the call stunk to high heaven. Responding officers discovered the suspect, who was later identified as 24-year-old Mark Osadnick of Fairport, New York, not only passed out on the pavement, but covered in feces. The police report details that Osadnick's face, pants, legs, and arms were covered in excrement. A large pile of feces was also found next to a parked vehicle. The woman who reported the pants-less, poop-covered man told police that she was walking to her car to head out and buy her morning coffee when she made the discovery. Imagine that. It's before 6 a.m. on a holiday weekend. You wake up early and head out to get your cup o' joe before any of the crazies are out and about. But when you finally reach your car, you discover a man passed out, with his pants pulled down, completely covered in crap and there is a pile of feces so large, it is blocking you from even getting into your car.
I don't know if a morning could actually get any worse. Ask anyone who knows me and they'll attest that I'm not a morning person. I'm a zombie before I get my morning coffee. If I got roped into a police investigation and had to spend an entire holiday weekend morning answering police questions about the man who mistook my car for a porta-pottie, all without even getting my morning coffee, I probably would just cut my vacation short and head home. How does anyone recover from a morning like this? And what kind of person decides that the best way to spend their Saturday night is sleeping in a parking lot, rolling around in their own feces? Osadnick was formally charged with disorderly intoxication and indecent exposure, which seems light for the nonsense he decided to pull. But I guess waking up to your name in the police blotter with the description 'found covered in feces' is probably punishment enough in the internet age... Yes, this is obviously the extreme, but it sums up what Ocean City has become in recent years: a tourist town that out-of-towners crap all over and then leave the locals to clean it up. I remember coming to Ocean City as a kid. Yea, there was a nightlife, but I don't remember hearing anywhere near this number of crazy arrest stories. What do you think? Was Ocean City always this bad or is this rise of indecent exposure arrests recent? Let us know in the comments below.

Ocean City Police arrest man for defecating in public, throwing it at people.