Police were forced to intervene after a bridesmaid punched a bride-to-be and gave her a bloody nose on the Ocean City boardwalk.

There's nothing like a wedding on the beach to bring family and friends together. Unfortunately, it isn't always that simple in Ocean City... A police officer was on boardwalk patrol early on the morning of Saturday, September 9 when he got roped into some serious wedding drama. Two women were seen having a heated argument in front of a boardwalk bar. One woman wore a shirt indicating that she was the bride-to-be and another woman - later identified as 30-year-old Pennsylvania resident Ashley Stolley - was wearing a bridesmaid shirt. The two were part of a bridal party that was celebrating inside the bar. When an Ocean City Police officer approached the two women, the bride-to-be said that there had been in an argument, but everything was ok. She assured the officer that they were just going back into the bar to collect their party so they could return to the hotel. Even though the two were seen pushing and shoving, the bride told the officer she did not want to press charges. So, the OCPD officer returned to his patrol vehicle. When the two re-entered the establishment, the responding police officer overheard from bar staff that the bridal party had been cut-off because of the altercation in front of the bar. Police reports indicate that when the two women re-emerged from the bar, they resumed their argument. Stolley allegedly began calling the bride-to-be names and telling her she hated her. This is the point when haymakers allegedly started flying. Stolley allegedly threw a punch, putting her whole weight behind it, and connected with the bridge of the bride's nose, knocking her to the ground.
The bridesmaid didn't even resist. Seeing the OCPD officer approaching, she turned around and put her hands behind her back so she could be handcuffed. Meanwhile, the bride-to-be was still lying on the ground, using her hands to cover her bloody face. As soon as she stood up, blood began gushing out of her nose. Bar employees and bystanders rushed in to help the shocked bride stop the bleeding. None of this stopped Stolley. Even after she was handcuffed and placed into police custody, she kept hurling insults and expletives at the injured bride-to-be. En route to the police station, she began to sing a different tune, telling police she didn't understand why she was under arrest. In the same breath, she admitted to punching her "friend." At the time, Stolley told police she was pretty sure she wouldn't be allowed to attend the wedding after giving the bride-to-be a bloody nose. While it is unclear whether she ended up standing on the altar, we do know that Stolley was charged with Second-Degree Assault. So, what can we learn from this story? First of all, if you're going to get married, pick your bridal party/groomsmen carefully. If there is even the slightest worry that one of them will throw a haymaker and give you a bloody nose on your wedding night, maybe think twice about adding them to the wedding party. Second of all - and this is general advice - cool it on the drinking. Yea, weddings are giant parties and, sure, there are photographers and videographers there to document the whole affair. But if you need to rely on the photos and videos to patch together the story of what happened, you're doing it wrong. And if you drink so much that the members of the bridal party start throwing punches at the bride-to-be, you're definitely doing it wrong. While peak season is over, there is still no shortage of crazy stories from the Ocean City Police blotter. If anything, the craziness may actually be escalating. For every picture-perfect story of a beach wedding, there is a case of a bridesmaid channeling her inner Floyd Mayweather and knocking the bride out. When it comes to Ocean City, c'est la vie. But it'd sure be nice if people would stop throwing haymakers on the boardwalk...

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