Hitting up Ocean City this off-season? Here are some excellent restaurants that are open year-round and give you a taste of summertime!

When we published our article on just a few of the best Ocean City restaurants that are open year-round, we never expected to get so many responses from readers. We received a ton of suggestions for other restaurants to feature. Our first installment wasn't meant to be an exhaustive list, so we are coming back with part two! Ocean City used to completely shut down for the winter, becoming a literal ghost town. While that is not the case anymore, a lot of restaurants and bars do close during the off-season. So, it can sometimes be hard for off-season tourists to get a peak-season meal. Here are a few more Ocean City restaurants that serve great food and drinks year-round!

Dead Freddies -- 64th Street and the Bay

off-season Dead Freddies might look like a gimmick, with the pirate theme and kid's pirate ship playground, but it serves great food. And don't let the kid-friendly look fool you. Dead Freddie's heats up at night and on the weekends, late night DJs, a great deck and outdoor bar, live music, and, of course, a wonderful a bayfront view. Dead Freddies may have only opened in 2010, but it is already cementing itself as one of the best chicken wing spots in town. And with a schedule that has restaurant and bar open year-round, it is definitely one of the top spots to check out when other restaurants and bars close down for the off-season.

Shark on the Harbor -- 12924 Sunset Ave.

While a lot of our restaurant choices focus on giving tourists a peak-season experience in the autumn and winter, sometimes people want a really nice sit-down meal. Bar foods and crabs by the bushel are great, but not exactly for everyone. That's where Shark on the Harbor comes in. As far as dinner is concerned, Shark on the Harbor definitely comes in as one of the more expensive year-round restaurants in Ocean City. But as they always say, you get what you pay for and I mean that in a good way! The dinner menu tends to change every day, especially when it comes to their specials. The pan seared sushi-grade tuna is to die for and the Black Sea bass, if they have it, will leave you licking your plate when you're done. Definitely don't miss out on the opportunity to try their "shark bites," made from blackened Mako shark and served with a Peruvian green salsa. Tequila Mockingbird -- 130th St. and Coastal Highway off-season Sometimes, you just have a craving for Mexican food. Off-season in Ocean City, many people think they have no choice but to satisfy their craving with a trip through the Taco Bell drive through (Editor's Note: shivers). But fear not, Tequila Mockingbird is open year-round. (Disclaimer: Tequila Mockingbird does close on Tuesdays.) Whether you're looking for burritos, fajitas, tacos, enchiladas, chimichangas, or some combination of those, Tequila Mockingbird has them and they are delicious. But the restaurant has more than just a good food and a catchy name. They also have -- wait for it -- 219 different tequila offerings (shown above) which they say is the largest tequila bar in all of Maryland. So not only do they have tasty margaritas, but you can get them made with tequila you probably haven't even heard of before!
The Dough Roller -- (Multiple Ocean City Locations) off-season Okay, it wouldn't be a summer trip to Ocean City without grabbing a slice at The Dough Roller. It only makes sense for the pizza parlors to stay open in the off-season to give winter tourists a taste of summertime! With locations at South Division St., 3rd St., 41st St., and 70th St., chances are you are never more than a block away from some great pizza. This past year, Metropolitan Magazine readers voted The Dough Roller "OC's Best Pizza" for the 17th year. Not in the mood for pizza? Grab a plate of fried chicken and wash it down with a nice cold beer. Definitely be sure to check the local circulars and coupon books, where you can sometimes find a coupon for The Dough Roller hidden away in there! Which did we miss this time? Let us know your favorite off-season Ocean City restaurant in the comment section below!

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