Are you picky about what sort of bar you go to? Never fear! We’ve found a Richmond bar to suit any style.

Wine Bar - Secco Richmond Bar

Secco is widely acknowledged as the best Richmond bar for wine. They have an impressive list of wines spanning most of Europe. If you’re looking for a light snack, try one of their cheese platter pairings. If you’re more in the mood for some substantial food, they’re known for their Mediterranean fare! Address: 2933 West Cary Street, Richmond, VA, 23221

Beer Bar - Legend Brewing Company Richmond Bar

Not only is this Richmond bar the region’s oldest microbrewery, but it’s also a full-service pub. There are year-round staples on tap, like pilsner and porter, as well as seasonal and limited edition brews. Address: 321 W 7th St, Richmond, VA, 23224

Sports Bar - Home Team Grill Richmond Bar

This is the perfect place to catch the game. They have 15 massive TVs, the wings and burgers are absolutely to die for, and there are plenty of beers on tap. I mean, what more do you need out of a sports bar? Address: 1630 W Main St, Richmond, VA, 23220

Whiskey Bar - McCormack’s Richmond Bar

The list of Scotch, bourbon, and whiskey choices in this Richmond bar is nothing short of staggering. The Scotch list is separated by region, breaking into the categories of Highland, Lowland, and Speyside. If you’re a true whiskey connoisseur, this is the bar for you. Address: 1406 N Parham Rd, Richmond, VA, 23229

Dive Bar - Wonderland Richmond Bar

If the name doesn’t give it away, this place is definitely unique. It’s a horror-themed pub and is something of a magnet for the local punk and metal scene. If you’re looking for cheap beer and rockabilly, you really won’t want to skip this Richmond bar. Address: 1727 E Main St, Richmond, VA, 23219  

Cocktail Bar - Julep’s

[caption id="attachment_369" align="aligncenter" width="1274"]Richmond Bar Richmond Times Dispatch[/caption] This bar features 3 variations on their namesake, the classic mint julep. They also offer a few varieties of martinis, some specialty house cocktails, and a vast array of wines. The food on their menu, while not exactly extensive, is absolutely delicious and the atmosphere inside is perfect for a girl’s night out. Address: 420 E Grace St, Richmond, VA, 23219

Live Music Bar - The Camel Richmond Bar

The Camel showcases local bands and their shows always have themes, like Beers and Banjos. They also offer an open mic night and an open aux night, so anyone can come and do a ten-minute set to get their feet wet. That’s a really awesome idea Address: 1621 W Broad St, Richmond, VA, 23220

Outdoor Bar - Conch Republic Richmond Bar

This Richmond bar has an island vibe, which is only amplified by it’s huge deck looking over the James River. Enjoy a fruity cocktail and pretend you’re on vacation on a tropical island somewhere. Address: 11 Orleans St, Richmond, VA, 23231

Pricey But Worth It Bar - Lemaire Richmond Bars

Lemaire at the Jefferson Hotel is one of the best Richmond bars for sipping perfectly crafted cocktails. Those cocktails can run $10-$14, but sometimes you’re willing to pay more for a genuinely perfect night out. Address: 101 W Franklin St, Richmond, VA, 23220

Local Bar - O’Tooles Richmond Bar

This classic Irish pub was established in 1966, and hasit’s been a staple of the Southbank area ever since. If you’re going here, you absolutely have to have the onion rings. Make sure you go for happy hour; it’s every weekday from 3PM to 7PM. Address: 4800 Forest Hill Ave, Richmond, VA, 23225

First Date Bar - The Boathouse

Richmond BarThe Boathouse at Rocketts Landing is the ideal first date spot. It overlooks the James River, making for a gorgeous setting, and the drink menu features oyster shooters if you’re looking for something a little more lighthearted. Address: 4708 E Old Main St, Richmond, VA, 23231

Juice Bar - Crush

Richmond Bar This Richmond bar is the perfect place to grab a fruity smoothie on a hot day. The drinks are all named after local neighborhoods, so you’ll have to make sure you try them all! Address: 1810 E Main St, Richmond, VA, 23223

New Bar - Grandstaff and Stein Booksellers

Richmond Bar This may not sound like a bar, and it doesn’t look like one either… at least, not on the outside. The bookshop is a front for this speakeasy-themed joint. They also require a password for entry, which you can find on their Facebook page. Address: 2113 E Main St, Richmond, VA, 23223  

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