Sassafras is set to bring the bayou to Golden.

You'd think that in the fruit-and-nut-powered-health-crazed-state that we live in that we would never put down the bicycle for a beignet, not so. As it turns out, the gravy obsessed bayou-based eatery Sassafras had admitted that they will be opening their third location in Golden, and if it's anything like the other two locations you might as well start getting in line now. Sassafrass The menu will boast the usual Sassafras et toufee, amongst other items that will make you turn your back on your diet like, banana foster pancakes topped with cinnamon rum cream cheese, the appropriate use of duck fat, and grits in ways you didn't even know was possible. Plus, who doesn't like a beignet? (No offense to gluten free people - I'm sure they've got you covered.)
There's no word on the exact date of the Sassafras grand Golden opening, but the one thing we can be sure of is that it will be a refreshing departure from your typical Golden eatery, and a safe place to admit that you eat more than kale smoothies. It's clear that Denver's seeing a bit of restaurant urban sprawl, hip Denver-based micro-chains are spreading and Golden/west side of town just lucked out. I guess it's your move Snooze.

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