Take this poll and help us settle -- once and for all -- what the best Ocean City seafood restaurant is!

Summer might be over, but that doesn't mean we can't day dream about chowing down on a bushel of cabs, a juicy crab cake, or some pan-seared locally caught flounder or sea bass. And with that, we want to take a poll. What is your favorite Ocean City seafood restaurant? Now to clarify, we're talking about sit-down seafood, not take-out. We've included ten of some of the most popular seafood restaurants in Ocean City, but we also added an "other" option. So, if you have a favorite that isn't individually listed, cast your vote for "other" and then tell us your favorite in the comment section below! [poll id="3"] Personally, this one was pretty tough because there are so many excellent Ocean City seafood restaurants. But, if I had to choose a couple, it would be a three-way tie between Crab Alley, Shark on the Harbor, and Harborside. I've had some of my favorite seafood meals at all three of these locations. But there is nothing quite like enjoying a seafood dinner while watching local ships unloading their catch of the day.
Just as a disclaimer, since a lot of people sometimes ask this: NONE of these restaurants have paid us anything to be included in this poll, the same of which apparently can't be said for other Ocean City poll-takers (*cough* Best of Ocean City *cough*)

Some of the best Ocean City restaurants open year-round!