It is a well known truth that donuts are panacea for political, social, and work related stresses, of which D.C. residents have many. Treat yourself to some of the tastiest donuts in the District.

It is a tense time to be a resident of Washington D.C. Perhaps you work on Capitol Hill or at one of the many agencies facing defunding, or you’re a journalist who is exhausted by the constant battle to defend the first amendment; or maybe you’re just tired of the delays on the overstuffed metro or of the non-stop traffic on the D.C. beltway. You might even just be tired of hearing about politics. Either way, you’re living in a city where the tension of today’s political climate is truly inescapable. So you really should be treating yourself. What better way to do that than with a fresh, hot hunk of fried dough dipped in sugar and sprinkles? Below are five places you can find hot fresh donuts, or doughnuts, in the District and surrounding areas. So go get one (or six) today. You deserve it.

District Doughnuts

[embed][/embed] Even though they spell doughnuts the old-fashioned way, this D.C. eatery offers all the luxuries of modern-day doughnut dining. You can even order your doughnuts online and have them delivered! Yes! Doughnut delivery! Someone has finally made our wildest doughnut-filled dreams come true! Their fluffy yeast donuts come in a variety of contemporary flavors like Baklava, Vanilla Creme Brûlée, or the seasonal Cherry Blossom. They recently expanded their business to include other indulgent fare such as milkshakes, burgers, and beer. You can also follow them on Instagram if you want more delightful pastries on your feed.  

Duck Donuts

[embed][/embed] Duck Donuts is like the Squarespace of donuts. When you go to order there are all these nifty boxes you can check to fully customize your single donut, your half dozen, or your dozen donuts. Their mascot is also a cute duck who loves donuts almost as much as he loves dressing up in cute costumes and decorating the walls of every Duck donut shop on the east coast (and there are many). Their donuts are made with a cake batter, and they cater if you're looking to break the ice at your next business meeting or social gathering.

Astro Doughnuts and Fried Chicken

[embed][/embed] Yes. Just. Yes. If you have yet to be indoctrinated into the magical world of putting fried chicken on top of breakfast foods, now is your chance. Do not hesitate. Astro offers the finest in all-fried-everything. It's the perfect combination of salty and sweet and fluffy and crunchy that you didn't know you needed. With a variety of unique flavors to choose from, they spice things up by adding perfectly fried chicken to the mix. A truly Southern way of doing things.

Sugar Shack Donuts

[embed][/embed] The name truly says it all. With locations in Alexandria and Arlington, Sugar Shack knows you've got a sweet tooth and they are here to help you get your fix. Sugar Shack offers donuts in a number of fun flavors like Samoa and Sea Salt Caramel, and a few more rare and eccentric flavors like Pineapple Serrano and Cucumber Melon. The main location in Richmond is now roasting their own coffee beans, so grab a hot cup of joe with your donut to go.

Mama's Donut Bites

[embed][/embed] These tiny donuts on wheels are for the movers and the shakers of the area. Mama's is a mobile-mini-donut-dealer that supplies tasty morsels for all of D.C. and Norther Virginia's finest outdoor markets. This bright pink food truck will beckon you on your lunch break or at your local market, and you wont be disappointed by the big flavors their tiny donuts have to offer. You can order flavors like Red Velvet and Apple Cider, and choose your favorite dipping sauce. Their donuts are tinier than normal, so they are exceptionally more cute, and you can eat them like they are french fries. A real dream come true for donut lovers everywhere. You can Track the Truck by following Mama on Twitter!   Know an even better place to get donuts in the District? Let us know your favorite place in the comments below!

Looking for a little less sugar? Try out the heroes at D.C. Café!