Virginia is giving the West Coast a run for its money with the wine we’re producing! Here are the Virginia wineries you absolutely have to visit.

Bluemont Vineyard, Loudon County

Virginia Wineries Never mind the delicious wines they produce, this vineyard has been praised for its views by numerous outlets. It’s really no surprise, since this winery is set in the rolling hills of Loudon County. On a clear day, you can see clear to the Washington monument. This is definitely high on the list of must-visit Virginia wineries.

Ankida Ridge Vineyard, Amherst

Virginia Wineries The view from this vineyard is beyond unbelievable, and the wines produced here are internationally acclaimed. Even the name is cool - ‘ankida’ is an ancient Sumerian word meaning ‘where heaven meets earth.’ That name is incredibly accurate for this beautiful location, earning it its place on this list of must-visit virginia wineries.

Crosskeys Vineyard, Crawford

Virginia Wineries Next on the list of must-visit Virginia wineries, this gorgeous vineyard is located in the Blue Ridge mountains near Harrisonburg. Not only are the views amazing, the estate is grand and gorgeous, and you’ll never ever want to leave.

Notaviva Vineyard, Purcellville

[caption id="attachment_345" align="aligncenter" width="435"]Virginia Wineries Loudoun Times[/caption] This vineyard has a very interesting take on pairing their wines. Rather than pairing them with foods, Notaviva pairs wine with music. They have taken on the philosophy that, much like our taste in music, our taste in wine grows and changes and expands as we age. For that reason they pair certain wines with certain genres, to complement the experience of both.

Valhalla Vineyard, Roanoke

Virginia Wineries This must-see winery is perched at 2,000 feet in the Blue Ridge Range. They’ve been producing award-winning wines complemented with stunning views since 1998. From the outside it may not look like much, but this vineyard is definitely one for the bucket list. Just don’t get drunk and disappear!! CROATOAN

Chateau Morrisette, Floyd

Virginia Wineries This winery has been around since 1980, when the art of winemaking was relatively new to the Commonwealth. It was one of the first working wineries in Virginia. Their award-winning wines are known for the dogs on the labels as much as the delicious wine inside, and the winery is famous for its beauty. Head up in the summer to catch one of their music festivals!