AC repair is best left to the pros.

Watch HGTV long enough and you might be tempted to purchase a fixer-upper! But before you take to the internet for design and construction ideas, just know that there are some things that you just shouldn't DIY -- like your plumbing, your electrical, and definitely your air conditioning. There's a reason why these companies carry insurance policies and must be licensed by the state to perform the work. So if you just got into the fix-and-flip game or are just having some issues with your AC, don't be led astray by "ramshackle to romantic" fix-and-flip shows. Here are five reasons why you should hire the work out.

1. It takes special tools.

AC When it comes to AC repair, special tools are needed. You would have to know exactly what tool to order and how to use it.

2. You'll get a correct diagnosis.

AC These people often have years of experience, which means you don't have to guess what's going on. A quick internet search shows that a short-cycling air conditioner can be the result of a clogged filter, a bad thermostat, failing capacitors, a strain on the motor, or a refrigerant leak. It takes an expert to know exactly what's going on.

3. The job will get done sooner.

AC Hiring a professional not only saves you hours of research, but also hours of repair time. They know what they're doing, and your time is better spent doing something else.

4. Refrigerant can be very harmful if not handled properly.

AC You don't want to put your family, your pets, or yourself at risk. It's also against the law to mishandle refrigerant.

5. Your warranty will remain valid.

AC Having your HVAC system professionally repaired will always be better than improperly installing something, breaking it (which can occur years down the line), and being told that your warranty is not valid. What are your thoughts? Do you have any HVAC horror stories? Let us know in the comments below!

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