University of Denver's Daniels College of Business co-leads an innovative incubator for tomorrow's startups.

If there's one thing that's true about today's higher education, it's not enough to stay within the confines of one's area of study. Scientists can benefit from the knowledge of philosophers and historians can learn a great deal from mathematicians. Reaching across party lines to receive a well-rounded education is what makes a student a valuable entity in today's career landscape.

Thanks to the Daniels College of Business, as well as other schools within the University of Denver, students and alumni who are looking to build "the next big thing" are in good company with Project X-ITE.

university of denver project x-ite
Image courtesy Project X-ITE

Project X-ITE cultivates the next generation of entrepreneurs and innovators by supporting a member of the DU community's startup or interdepartmental area of study. This program hosts lecture series, events, coaching, and boot camps to prepare budding business founders to tackle consumer needs. One such company that was nurtured by Project X-ITE is Slope Threads, which rents out ski and snowboarding clothes and accessories and delivers them straight to a customer's doorstep.

Fostering talent and game-changing ideas are the cornerstone to innovation and allowing the next generation of business to flourish in a healthy, supportive environment is critical to its success. By providing the necessary tools for growth and a strong network of educators, students, and alumni, it should be no shock that Denver will be known as an up-and-coming hub for startups and innovations in technology.