Military experience is in high demand in the construction industry.

Going from the military's structured lifestyle and career to the civilian world can be difficult for many veterans, but if there's one career path a veteran can feel comfortable in, it's in construction. Camaraderie, set schedules, great benefits, and the satisfaction of a job well done are all part of working in construction and this sort of environment is ideal for anyone looking to transition out of the military. 

Current statistics show that over 200,000 service members separate from the military each year, over 11 percent of construction businesses are owned by veterans, and over 660,000 veterans work in some form of construction. 

smiling construction worker

Military veterans possess teamwork and leadership skills, physical fitness, discipline, dedication, safety practices, and can adhere to a set schedule -- traits that construction managers crave in their staff. What job skills Uncle Sam spent years cultivating, the construction industry can reap in reliable personnel. The Colorado Homebuilding Academy has programs tailored to military veterans that supply training, networking events, and career coaching for men and women transitioning from their military service. 

Upon completing one of their construction programs, the Colorado Homebuilding Academy connects job site-ready graduates with local pro-veteran employers to put them to work. With Colorado in need of construction professionals more than ever before, forging a path in this industry after serving our country is one of the best choices a veteran could make.

The Daniels College of Business is offering tuition-free MBA programs to eligible veterans!