Denver Day Works is a pilot program meant to help employ Denver's homeless.

Kirk Foye was a construction worker who was violently attacked. The incident left him with a brain hemorrhage, a concussion, and a heap of medical bills which he couldn't pay. As a result, Foye became homeless. In an interview with the  the Denver Post Foye noted: "Not everybody experiences problems because of drugs or stuff like that" The point of the program is to provide opportunity those who have struggled to find a job due to spotty work experience, bad credit, or criminal records, in hopes that they will build experience and eventually find full time employment. And it pays relatively well too. Homeless participants who sign up and get selected will be paid $12.59 per hour, which is higher than the current Colorado $9.30 per hour minimum wage. For those that lack state or federal identification, addresses, etc, the program will pay it's employees through gift cards. The program is administered by Bayaud Enterprises - a nonprofit that provides job training, job placement, and other services. If necessary, homeless participants will be connected with addiction aid services or get set up on Medicaid. After some time Bayaud will determine the homeless participant's work readiness and help them achieve full time employment. Sage hospitality, a large local hotel management team and the group that manages the Embassy Suites in Denver, has agreed to participate in the program.   For many, this program will provide work for people who've struggled for years to re-enter the workplace, and I'm hopeful it can help Denver's homeless. What are your thoughts Denver? Have you seen or spoken with any of these people? Let us know!

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