The Daniels College of Business Is Game-Changing

With a thriving and diverse economy, Denver is a business magnet right now. Everyone from small tech startups all the way to Charles Schwab (which plans to employ 4,000 people in Denver) is competing for your business, and the talent pool is equally as competitive. So how do you set yourself apart? How do you become part of that medium-sized business that's about to become the next hot .com? It's simple. Behind Denver's expansive growth are some of the most brilliant business minds, and they're looking to the University of Denver's Daniels College of Business for tactical, ethical, and innovative leadership. [gallery ids="16504,17086"] So it comes as no surprise that the Daniels MBA program ranks highly on Inc. Magazine's most innovative MBA programs. According to Inc., MBA programs rank as follows: 1. School of Management, Antioch University of New England Located in Keene, New Hampshire, the AUNE School of Management 36-credit MBA in Sustainability is an integrated program that focuses on producing business leaders who are environmentally aware. Very much a hands-on program (students learn by working with local businesses, B corps, and non-profits), the Antioch MBA is truly unique among MBA programs in the U.S. 2. Harvard Business School, Harvard University Recognized as one of the best learning institutions in the world, Cambridge’s Harvard Business School is an intensive two-year program that’s cutting-edge in terms of innovation. The school cites six differentiators that make it unique: global intelligence, learning in practice, entrepreneurship and innovation, residential learning community, alumni relationships, and publications and resources.  In addition, the Harvard Innovation Lab fosters innovation and entrepreneurship across the university. 3. Mendoza College of Business, University of Notre Dame The Mendoza College of Business is consistently ranked as one of the best business programs in the country. As part of one the nation’s best-known Catholic universities, Mendoza focuses on business for the public good. The school’s six tenets say it all: pursue excellence in business practices; build cultures and systems that support accountability; deepen knowledge of the fundamentals of business; learn to view business problems as multi-dimensional carrying across functional lines; be tenacious in solving problems and bringing about positive change – for stakeholders and shareholders; develop and institute organizational systems that provide clear guidelines and expectations, that include ongoing training to help employees think and act ethically, and that clearly outline penalties associated with misconduct. 4. MIT Sloane School of Management, Massachusetts Institute of Technology Based in Cambridge, the MIT Sloan School of Management is another leading business school thanks to its innovative program and pioneering business theories, such as the binomial options pricing model. The Sloan Innovation Period – a unique feature of every Sloan course -- occurs at the midpoint of each semester and provides students with an intensive week of experiential leadership learning, as well as exposure to groundbreaking faculty work. As part of the core semester, students also participate in SIP workshops focused on ethics and leadership. 5. Daniels College of Business, University of Denver Daniels is the eighth oldest business school in the country, but it describes itself as “anything but old school.” Its new Denver MBA full-time program is truly cutting-edge with its four “core challenges” that feature hands-on learning with enterprise-level businesses, creating a startup, working with a non-profit, and spending time overseas. Why the shake-up of its flagship MBA program? In the college’s own words: “in response to the marketplace and industry needs, the Daniels College of Business created the Daniels Difference, a groundbreaking model of management education that shakes off the notion that the classroom is the center of our universe. Unlike the action-based learning approach touted by other institutions, the Daniels Difference isn’t a set of isolated experiences — it’s a cumulative, highly integrated, developmental process that produces high-impact graduates armed with new ways of thinking and working for today’s new world.”   6. Stanford Graduate School of Business, Stanford University The Stanford Graduate School of Business ranks in the top business schools for its concentrations on e-commerce, accounting, sports business, and not-for-profit, just to name a few. Yet, their signature appeal "involves rigorous application of personal experiential testing, analysis, and reflection" and they have a fantastic speaker series. The rest of the mentions include The Wharton School of Business at the University of Pennsylvania, the Kellogg School of Management at Northwestern, The University of Chicago Booth School of Business, and the Columbia Business School at Columbia University, among others. So it just goes to show that you don't need to leave your life here to chase a world-class education -- It's right in our own backyard!

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