Get ready to say goodbye to your childhood. Toys 'R' Us has started its liquidation sales and that means all of its stores will start to close, one-by-one.

You hear that? That's the sound of millennials crying out in anguish as a piece of their childhood is being ripped away before their very eyes. Guys, the day we've all been dreading has finally come: Toys 'R' Us is closing all 700-plus of its U.S. stores. I know, I know. I'm crying too. But, before the toy giant says goodbye for good, it's got to get rid of everything in its stores. The liquidation sales started on March 23 and are set to end sometime in June, but the stores could close earlier than that if the merchandise sells out before then. So, you know, take advantage while you can!
And because we're compassionate and considerate people, we want you to get the most out of this liquidation. Which is why we've collected the answers to the most frequently asked questions about the sales, including how to use those spare coupons you've been saving, how long your Toys 'R' Us gift cards are still viable, and many more. Really, no need to thank us. But it wouldn't hurt. (Just sayin'.) Check it out below, and good luck!

FAQ About Toys 'R' Us' Liquidation Sales:

Is my local store still open? Yes, all stores are currently open and serving customers. Will you still host events? All store events have been canceled. Can I still make purchases through the website? Yes, online stores are currently open and customers can continue to shop on them for a limited time. What happens if I placed an order online, but haven't received it yet? Will it still be delivered? Yes, customers can expect to receive any orders that have already been placed. Will customers be able to use their loyalty rewards toward purchases? No, customers will no longer be able to use Rewards coupons. Will we still be accepting coupons during this closing? Coupons will no longer be accepted in stores or online. Will we still be accepting gift cards during this closing? Gift cards, including e-gift cards, will continue to be honored through and including April 21. What are the return policies? Returns will be accepted under their normal policies for any purchases made at stores or online until April 21. Any items purchased during the liquidation are final and returns will not be accepted. What will happen to items on layaway? Notices are being sent to customers. Upon receipt of that notice, customers will have 21 days to either pay the remaining balance due and receive their product, demand a refund on any deposit, or forfeit the product and their deposit. Where can I go if I have additional questions? For questions about products, warranties or rewards, customers should contact the Customer Service Department at 1 (800) 869-7787 between the hours of 8 a.m. and 11 p.m.
Keep in mind that items will be around 10 to 30 percent off. And while it's not that much of a difference, it's still better than having to pay full price and chances are you won't find a better deal anywhere else. But make sure you act fast and use those gift cards if you've got 'em! And there you have it, guys! What do you think? Are you feeling as bummed out as we are about Toys 'R' Us closing its stores? What's your favorite Toys 'R' Us memory? Let us know in the comments below, and let's get the conversation started. Now, if you'll excuse me, I'm gonna go cry as think back to my youth and how I spent my days wandering around the toy aisles. Gonna miss you, Toys 'R' Us. toys 'r' us

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