University of Denver's unique Coding Boot Camp empowers women in technology. 

Ladies, start your computers! DU’s University College is offering a women-only, 24-week coding course designed to provide web-developing skills and professional connections to succeed in one of the fastest-growing careers in the U.S.

The Bureau of Labor projects web development jobs to grow 27 percent by 2024, and women’s advancement in technology has been found to increase technology companies’ bottom line, as well as spur entrepreneurship. In addition, the industry is ripe to hire more women in positions all across the board.

Designed with employed students in mind, the program allows participants to continue to work while learning a new set of skills part-time. No experience? No problem! For those who are interested in learning coding or are hoping to make a career switch into web development, the boot camp will build a solid foundation.

“While having some background can help, our pre-course tutorials will get you up to speed and ready to start learning on day 1,” the boot camp site states.

The program’s curriculum is based on technologies specific to the regional market’s needs, so students can hit the ground running. Participants will learn in-demand, full-stack coding skills in HTML5, CSS3, JavaScript, jQuery, and much more. According to DU, all classes are offered in an “empowering classroom environment, taught by talented women in the tech industry and surrounded by like-minded peers.”

In addition, students will have access to a range of career-planning assistance, such as portfolio reviews, resume support, 1-on-1 career coaching, and more. Importantly, networking with fellow women in technology will also help open doors once the course is over.

The course runs from September 10, 2018–March 26, 2019. Learn more about the program’s offerings and sign up for more information by visiting the boot camp’s website.

In addition, DU’s Center for Professional Development offers several professional advancement courses that are open to all, including other Coding Boot Camp options.

What do you think? Does this boot camp seem like the right fit for you? Let us know in the comments below.

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