Batter up!

[caption id="attachment_22469" align="alignleft" width="216"] sponsored[/caption] You’re there at the ball game ... Cargo is up to bat, and he has runners on first, second, and third. He takes a ball, but he has his eye looking down that bat for a hit. He swings on the next pitch, and it goes foul. He pays no mind but chokes up again and takes some practice swings. Here comes a curve ball, and he wails on it -- crack! It's looping to right field, and the elevation continues to climb. The next thing you know, it's over the wall to touch them all. You knew this was why you came. The Rockies go out in front, 7 to 1. Hey, there's nothing better than a sweet hit or a great play! The guys are pros. Are there people in your stable who are rock stars, professional athletes, ballerinas, race car drivers -- who are the best anyone could possibly be? Maybe it's a mailman, a barber, podiatrist, baker, bartender, artist, master brewer, tech person, CEO, accountant ... Signal Butte Financial Corp. was created to bring together the thoughts of others that ask WHY. Why are the traditional retirement philosophies failing? Why are taxes your worst enemy when you encounter this actual sunset or lifestyle change? Is retirement a foolish word? How long should your money last to maintain your current lifestyle? Having a predictable outcome of total accumulation with certainty is a necessity. Can that be achieved through speculation and risk? No! Most likely not. Why are you being penalized from touching your money before age 59 1/2. It's your money. Do they not trust you? Why are you trusting them? Their track record, after all, is abysmal. At Signal Butte Financial Corp., I help you become Cargo and get the practice and at-bats you need to hit that Grand Slam. Grand Slam Financial Advice is overcoming the adversity and protecting the shrinkage of assets. Can you acquire the ability to have longterm care and home health care with little or no cost? All of these answers are readily available at Denver's Harmonica-Playing Finance Guy is your Grand Slam Specialist of Financial Advice.