Bring Sensitive Materials to a Shred Event Near You

It's bad enough having your belongings stolen, but going through the devastation of having your credit card or Social Security information taken or compromised is much worse. Identity theft is becoming more advanced in today's digital landscape, but doing your part in keeping the hard copies of your sensitive information away from nefarious individuals is crucial for your own personal protection as well. Insurance can replace stolen jewelry and electronics, but it can't do the same for documents containing details you don't want getting into the wrong hands. Paper shredders are a helpful home office appliance, but ensuring safe disposal of the paper afterward is important. Mobile shredding trucks have made outsourcing document destruction an easy process. These box trucks contain industrial-size shredders to efficiently destroy paperwork, hard drives, credit cards, and other mediums that house delicate information.
If you don't have space to accommodate a paper shredder in your home or would prefer to utilize a mobile shredding truck, there are many places that host Shred Events. Businesses like Alpine Bank have hosted Shred Events at their establishment for individuals who want to dispose of old, sensitive paperwork. Alpine Bank was also able to support their community with this event by raising money for Mesa County Partners. By suggesting a $5 donation per banker-size box of documents, they raised $4,700 for the organization. An added bonus to these events is that the shredded paper is then recycled, benefiting the environment in return. All you need to do is show up with your materials and put them in the shredder. If you are interested in getting rid of your old documents, click here to find a Shred Event near you.

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