Norfolk State University, Virginia State University made HBCU Lifestyle's list of best public historically black colleges and universities.

Historically black colleges and universities have made higher education accessible to African Americans since the institution's genesis in 1837. Today, thousands of students apply to HBCUs all around the country to be a part of the history, culture, and traditions that go hand-in-hand with HBCUs and the shaping of African-American history in this country. There are currently more than 100 HBCU institutions, both private and public, in the United Sates. While any given HBCU offers opportunities for POC to obtain a higher education -- high costs of college still stand in the way for many students. The average cost of tuition for a public college was $9,650 for state residents and $24,930 for out-of-state residents during the 2016-2017 school year. Many students applying to HBCUs rely on financial aid to get their higher education.

Well, of those 100 national HBCUs, Norfolk State University and Virginia State University both ranked as some of the best public HBCUs for college scholarships in HBCU Lifestyle's list of best public HBCUs. Virginia State University fell at No. 12, with a national rank of 71. The scale was also ranked on scholarship/fellowship dollars per enrolled student, with VSU at $4,479. Norfolk State University came in at #25. Its national ranking came in at 190, with scholarship/fellowship dollars per enrolled student being $3,593.

The schools that made the HBCU ranking were also featured in a 2016's Best Colleges and Universities for Scholarships report on The study compiled data from the National Center for Education Statistics. GoodCall earns the credit for ranking each public university by the average amount of scholarship dollars per enrolled student.

Two former UVA players are among the finalists for the College Football Hall of Fame.