One high school senior has taken college essay writing to the next level. Her essay about Papa John's pizza got her into Yale!

I'm sure we all remember the days of college application essays. 'Tell us about the biggest obstacle you've faced,' 'Discuss an accomplishment that sparked some personal growth,' and 'Tell us about something you love to do' are all questions seniors spend hours staring at, pondering over, and trying to answer in a unique way that'll make them stand out. Well, one high schooler's ode to the thing she loves to do most -- order Papa John's pizza -- made her stand out in the best way possible!
High school senior Carolina Williams was recently accepted to Yale, courtesy of her essay on ordering Papa John's pizza. Williams told Business Insider that when she saw the prompt to write about something she loved doing, her very first thought was ordering Papa John's.
I order pizza from Papa John's once a week - it's my absolute favorite! I thought for a while about if I should actually do that and if they would take it seriously, but I decided to just write it because it was so easy and my passion came through."
Williams said she was proud of her essay because it reflected her actual personality, which she feels made her stand out to admissions officers. While the essay hinged on ordering pizza from Papa John's, it touched on deeper topics like independence and happiness. Williams tweeted about her achievement in early May, along with screenshots of her essay, her letter of admission, and an email from a fellow pizza-lover on the Yale admissions team. After praising her pizza essay specifically, the admissions officer told Williams, "every part of your application stood out in our process and we are thrilled to be able to offer you a spot at Yale." Williams is turning down Yale's invitation to join the class of 2021 and instead plans to attend Auburn University in the fall, allowing the Tennessee teen to avoid the chilly Connecticut winters. As for Papa John's, they were quick to respond to the tweet and congratulate Williams. They also sent her several gift cards so she can keep doing the thing she loves most: ordering Papa John's. Congratulations, Carolina! We want to wish you the best of luck!