Looking to add a little kick to your meals? Try this all-purpose condiment!

I love to try new or talked-about items at Trader Joe's. Back in the fall, a group I belong to on Facebook (Trader Joe's meal ideas for busy moms) was raving about this all-purpose item, called Chili Onion Crunch. I was intrigued, but since my husband does most of the grocery shopping, I kept forgetting to ask him to look for it when he went. I finally treated myself to a trip to the mothership and grabbed a jar!

Described as having a "smoky, savory mixture of crunchy garlic, onion, peppers and olive oil," this unique condiment is billed as being so versatile that you can put it on anything! For those that need to add ketchup or siracha to every meal, Trader Joe's has come up with another alternative. 

chili onion crunch

Courtesy of chilionioncrunch's Instagram

I'll admit, my husband and I don't get too creative with our dinners, so I didn't have a million ideas of what to use this on. I decided to first try it on a simple meal of ground meat, pasta, and veggies. To be honest, it was just ok. It added a little flavor, but I still preferred to throw some shredded mozzarella cheese on top (my go-to for fancying up a meal). 

After reading through the suggestions on Traderjoes.com and my Facebook group, I decided to mix it in with my hummus. Much better! I had a classic variety on hand, and the Chili Onion Crunch definitely added just the right amount of kick and flavor to jazz it up. 

Trader Joe's meal

Courtesy of everything_but_the_bagel's Instagram

I still want to try it on an omelet since I like to add salsa or ketchup to my eggs, so I think this would be a suitable alternative. I will say if you're eating a particularly greasy meal, I'd avoid this condiment. The olive oil in it did not pair well with the ground beef and potatoes I had one night, but that might just be me.

Overall, I like Trader Joe's Chili Onion Crunch for $3.99, but I don't love it. I seem to be in the minority though, based on the love for it on the internet. 

Have you tried this all-purpose condiment? If you're a fan, what do you use it on? Let us know in the comments!